Plastic credit card size/style CS membership cards.

These can live in your wallet to show your a proud CSr or be shown to site sponsors for access to special deals ...but wait, there is more, not steak knives, better.... *

The card (below) is also a roasting scale so CS all over the planet *can stop using the ambiguous "city, city+, small village ++" or having to work off a dubious monitor colour calibration image. *Instead we will have a 12 point scale (from green to black) to describe the roast depth.

All members will be able to get one of these shipped with their next order (for free) but please dont loose it, future replacement cards will carry a $5 reprint fee. *

Instructions for use:

1. Grab your CS member card
2. stick it into your (cooled) roasted beans
3. guess which stripe it looks like.

CS1 is well under roasted
CS12 is no longer a coffee bean

Most coffee is great around the CS8 or CS9 some work ok at CS10 or CS7

The real trick is to keep lots of notes so you know the roast depth that you like the best.


You can add them to your order in BeanBay

The Member Cards are unavailable till further notice.

When they are available you will be able to select them in