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CoffeeSnobs FairCrack - Tanzania Farmstay

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by , 25th July 2012 at 12:31 AM (2159 Views)
March 2012 goes down in FairCrack history as one of the biggest projects that we have ever taken on.

How would you like to 4 days on one of the best coffee estates in Tanzania and get to see the whole process from tree to cup?

I know I want to!

Through Bente at Machare Estate and via FairCrack funds we have commisioned local TZ builders to construct 4 double guest houses on the farm.

The idea is that the FairCrack money will provide the building costs (which is being spent on labor and materials) , Marche have provided somewhere for us to build (no charge) and 20% of all future farmstay accomodation charges will go directly to the villages on Kilmanjaro... forever!

This provides an ongoing income stream for the villages and an amazing holiday option for coffee people that would love to go to origin and have the resources of multilingual Bente and Ralph to show them the ropes.

Construction has started, below are (LOTS!) of pictures and Ill add more to the thread as they happen.

Well done CoffeeSnobs everywhere!
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