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Thread: Sunbeam EM6910 - group handle needs to be pushed too far - why?

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    Sunbeam EM6910 - group handle needs to be pushed too far - why?

    We had an old EM6910, after a while the collar worn out and we had to push the group handle far to the end, like on the photo. I replaced the big blue gasket - it did not help. It would still leak so I replaced the collar - it was so worn out (edges were pushed out, "fine grade" brass alloy) so a group handle from a newer machine would not fit in there. Leaking stopped but the group handle still needs to be pushed that far.

    Then we got another EM6910 which was known for not working hard in the past, like 300 shots in its entire life, and first week the group handle did not have to be pushed to the position as on the photo, it would be enough just to push to a middle. But after a week of office use, it became like on the picture again, otherwise it leaks. Beans, grinder are the same.

    Why is this happening? Too strong coffee drinkers? Low quality collars? The collar still looks good so does the big blue gasket. Any way to fix this permanently? Or recommendation? Thanks.


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    Sunbeam EM6910 - group handle needs to be pushed too far - why?

    As you've already found out, these collars are quite soft and easily damaged by over tightening. Apparently they also have a fair bit of variability in their manufacture so you can sometimes get a brand new machine that needs the portafilter pushed past the centre to the right. With that in mind it doesn't really matter if you have to push it a bit past centre, as long as you're not cranking it too hard. Make sure you're not overdosing the filter basket as this can cause issues and make sure everything is really clean as often just a couple of grains of ground coffee can cause leaks around the collar during extraction.
    The technique I've found that works for me is I flush a little water through just before I lock in the portafilter. Not heaps, just the preinfusion pulses is enough. Lock the portafilter in firmly but not too hard. Place cup(s) underneath (and scale in my case) then tighten the portafilter a bit more. I usually find that it tightens a bit more quite easily and if I forget this step I usually get leaks around the collar. After making the coffee and removing the portafilter I flush more water and give everything in the grouphead area a wipe with a cloth before making another shot. This is all with a virtually new gasket and collar. I think this technique is probably necessary due to the gasket being a fairly soft silicone.
    Not sure if this will help but there's a couple of ideas there for you to try.
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    An intersting thing I have just discovered is that my brand new P/F tightens sooner than my old P/F.
    Actually I have 3 old P/F, they go around to the right, a bit like in the picture above, but the new one is in "about the right place" at 6 o'clock.

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