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Thread: Alex Duetto and Alex Leva in the cup comparison?

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    Alex Duetto and Alex Leva in the cup comparison?

    Has anybody tried both? Can you describe the difference in the cup?

    Given that the Duetto is a double boiler with PID (suggesting better consistency),
    and the Leva is a single boiler lever, can you even make a valid comparison?

    Another question, which technology is easier to service and which breaks more often?
    A lever or a pump?

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    Hi sugar free,

    Both machines have PID controls. I would suggest that the difference is not consistency, both will be consistent in the right hands.

    I do however, always tell anyone looking at a lever machine that they are not for everyone. Apart from being hands on there is more of a learning curve with the leva.

    The main difference is in the extraction pressure. The Duetto will extract at a constant 9 bar pressure throughout the shot.

    The leva, like most spring levas, will have a variable extraction pressure during the shot. What you will find is that it will be 9 bar or so for the start of the shot and then decrease to 5 or even 4 bar towards the end.

    Now days you will even see some big expensive commercial machines advertising spring lever pressure profiling as a feature...

    This does give a different flavour profile depending on your coffee.


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    Thanks Antony.
    What are your thoughts on technical problems?
    Does not having a rotary pump make the Leva more reliable, or does having a lever bring another set of problems?

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