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Thread: Help! La Cimbali Domus Classic

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    Help! La Cimbali Domus Classic

    Ive just purchrased a used La Cimbali Domus Classic -- itll be my first experience with a semi-professional espresso machine. You understand that I dont want to do anything wrong when using the machine for the first time. Ive read lots of information about machines and I alrealy know pretty much about it.

    After searching the internet for a long time, posting on other forums for the manual for this machine, Im desperate... and decided to sign up at CoffeeSnobs :-).

    Does anybody have an electronical copy of the Manual of the Domus Classic? Or knows where to find it on the internet? I would be very thankful. Thanks in advance!

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    Give Servicesphere in Sutton st. Nth Melbourne a call. They were very helpful with a copy of the parts listings and diagrams and probably have the circuit diagrams as well.

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    Nice info to know Oswald, but I think AlexDB will miss it. The post is approaching 10 years old and made by a user who hasn't logged on in over 6 years.

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