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Thread: EM6910 Steam pump audibly trying, but nothing happens until minutes have passed...

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    Just wondering if there is an ohm reading for the coils. I am sure there will be, and that might be worth checking.
    I am thinking it is like a "flutter valve" in turbo controller, and the coil energises the shuttle, hence the pumping motion.
    If the coil has "faulted" it may be humming but does not have the full "grunt" it needs.

    Just a thought from my turbo car ECU tuning days.

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    @rawill thanks! it was really the coild that was borken. So I ordered an ULKA HF/s pump, and just used the coil part --> works like a charm! Thanks again!
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    It was just a random "outside the square" thought I had when pondering your issue.

    Now onto cleaning up the "mess" I found in mine after pulling it apart to replace the collar!
    Broke 3 screws taking the old one out! So now down to the "bolt supplier" to get 5 new torx bolts!
    But not till Tuesday as we have a holiday weekend!

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    Thanks heaps “spoko2” for the tip, my machine had exact same symptoms, took pump apart, didn’t appear dirty but it was a little tight around the shaft/oring, not sliding very freely, gave it a clean and light coating of wd-40, put back together, steams like a new machine again, very happy, and very surprised at the same time that it made that much difference.

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    I had low steam flow and I descaled following instructions on this site. The descaling had worked on previous occasions but this time it did not fix the problem. I did a factory reset and the steam flow returned to normal, I suspect the setting had changed somehow. Factory reset as follows:
    Connect to power point and switch on at power point
    Press and hold the manual button
    With the manual button pressed, press the power button and release
    Release manual button
    Power button will flash and there will be 4 beeps.

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