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Thread: Advice reg Breville BES870 Barista Express

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    Hi everyone! We just bought the Barista Express machine yesterday after trying it out at an airbnb accommodation a few weeks ago. Weve been having trouble woth the setting and was wondering if any of you could identify what we are doing wrong?

    Were using 6 day old roasted coffee beans which have a rich, dark flavor. At first, we used 5 on the grinder setting, used 20g of coffee, tamped using a normal amount of strength and found that the drip turned out too syrupy and was way beyond the espresso range. So we increased the grind to 8. Same thing happened. We increased and increased and now we are on 11. The coffee starts pouring at 8-10 seconds and there is good looking crema, however on the gauge, it still stays on the second line AFTER the espresso range mark.

    What are we doing wrong? Should we use a higher grind number so it becomes a bit coarser? Were a bit confused as when we were trying out the machine at the airbnb we stayed in, we were just on grinder setting 5 and our pressure range stayed in the middle of the espresso range gauge. HELLLLP.

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    Ignore the number on the grinder and adjust it until you get the proper pour/taste. The numbers on one grinder have no relation to the numbers on another.

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    I'm not sure on the basket sizes for the Barista Express, but I'm wondering if 20g is too much coffee?

    I believe the Breville tampers are designed so that you can use them as a guide to get the right level - is the level correct?

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    Between 17/18 grams is the optimum amount for this size of basket. I use 17 grams at the moment. 20 grams is to much, you'll be over filling the basket. Best thing is to experiment as all of these machines vary slightly. When the weight is correct the level will be too.

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