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Thread: Sunbeam = Welhome?

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    Question Sunbeam = Welhome?

    Hey there,

    I have many friends in Taiwan who have visited with us in Australia at one time or another, have enjoyed the espresso on offer and upon returning to Taiwan have contacted me asking for help in acquiring a half decent espresso machine for themselves. When in Taiwan I've taken a passing interest in the machines available and have noticed that (at least in department stores) there's limited choice compared to Australia and the machines that they do have are hellishly expensive.

    While researching options to recommend (ads only seemed to have single thermoblock options in the semi affordable range) I came across the WPM/Wellhome Pro Company from Hong Kong which manufactures a range of home espresso machines. These machines look mighty similar to Sunbeam branded espresso machines (and grinders) available on the Australian market. In fact they seem to have a broader range of machines available.

    Check it out...

    So is this Sunbeam marketing itself as WPM in Asia or Sunbeam marketing WPM as Sunbeam in Australia? Does anyone know?

    It's interesting to note that the models which correspond to the strange Torino machines have additional options such as pressure profiling and plumbed options which I'm not aware of Sunbeam providing. Maybe we'll see some new releases from Sunbeam with these features in the near future.



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    Thats very interesting, particularly the pressure profiling option.

    I would guess sunbeam is a rebrand of this?

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