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Thread: Breville Barista Touch (BES880), the good & bad

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    Breville Barista Touch (BES880), the good & bad

    Have any of you bought the Breville Barista Touch? Any feedback on it?

    I've been struggling which one to get recently, whether to go all-out crazy with the Breville Oracle Touch or just the single boiler Breville Barista Touch.

    I like the touch variants because it sort-of help my wife in making her favourite drinks without the much hassle having no experience in using an espresso machine before.

    Personally, I would like to buy the Breville Dual Boiler without the grinder (not sure if that's available in The Good Guys eBay store) + Baratza Sette 270W as I think that's the best bang for my buck. But I would like to hear your thoughts on this and hear your experience.
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    The barista isn't a single boiler, it's a thermoblock, also the dual boiler is no longer available separately from the grinder, you can only buy them as a package.
    Disclaimer: I haven't used anything other than the dual boiler.

    The barista will make noticably worse coffee. I used to have a BES800 and now have a BES920. The 800 would be very difficult for me to get something I'd be happy to drink as straight espresso even after the learning I've done since owning it. The barista is similar to the BES870, which is a slight upgrade from the 800, but I believe it's coffee would be below the "good enough" threshold for me. Also you have to manually tamp with the barista.

    The oracle is pretty much the dual boiler underneath, plus the grinder and automation, so I'm told it can produce coffee as good as the dual boiler if you knew what you're doing.

    That being said, if your wife is willing to learn I would advise against buying a Breville (I won't be buying another one), unless your desire for functionality at a certain price point outweighs concern for having to replace it every 3-6 years. Depending on your budget something like the Lelit PL60T V2 or the Profitec Pro 300 would last significantly longer.
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    If your budget stretches to a Breville Oracle Touch then there are so many better options around in terms of getting a nice dual boiler (or even HX) + grinder setup.

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