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Thread: Replacing Ulka pump

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    Replacing Ulka pump

    Two part post here

    I had a funny issue in my VBM Domobar Super where every once in a while when I pulled the lever the machine wouldn't reach full pressure. Seemed to happen more when the machine had been on for a while. I troubleshooted the problem by replacing the over pressure valve and overhauling the e61 group head but no improvement. On a whim I replaced the ulka ex5 pump, the machine is second hand and I don't know it's age and hadn't noticed anything off but figured that was my last shot before I narrowed it down to electrics which I would have had to of taken it to a service centre to fix. I can't believe the change in the machine! Coffee is vastly improved. What I can't work out if the opv is opening at the same pressure a pump that is perhaps struggling to hit that pressure and a pump that does it easily could make such a difference? I have the OPV set to 9.5bar at the portafilter.

    Secondly I contemplated when replacing the pump trying to replace it with a rotary pump and electric motor to make it possible to plumb my machine into mains water. I decided against it for the time being but may try it in the future. Has anyone tried this? Is there an easy way to achieve this?



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    In practical terms, pressure is pressure when within identical confined volume and OPV setting.
    The new pump will just get up there a bit quicker...


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