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Thread: Breville Oracle Owners Thread BES980XL

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    Hi everyone, my name is Matt. It's my first time here and I'm addicted to coffee.
    I gave in oracle ( hence why I'm here). Lately it's been leaking water (no, they drop tray is not full)
    the other issue I have is the milk wand/steam temperature had not been displaying and when I go to use it it does not work at all and just beeps at me twice. It's about 2 years old and out of warranty. Oracle support just tell me to go to a repair center but I don't have the money for it.
    Leaking water is a minor problem, the steamer not working is the big problem!
    Ot all started after a power outage in my house.
    ive tried descalling the machine as per oracle support request and this did nothing to help. If anyone has any suggestions that would be awesome!
    For a sense or urgency, Im now using a delonghi nesprsso machine.

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    I'm one of the people who experienced the noise and, while I cannot tell you what exactly it is (you've already seen speculation here and, if memory serves, Breville never weighed in with something definitive), I can tell you it seems to be a mortal problem. After my working machine gave up the ghost with an error notice (don't recall which one) on the LCD (pushed shot buttoon one day; no noise; no nothing; get error; it's dead), I contacted Breville and they said send it back and we'll fix it or replace it.

    Now the tale of they comedy of errors dealing with Breville support is another story (also mentioned with frequency here) for another time. In the end, though -- after weeks of waiting and missteps -- they told me to await the brand new Oracle they were sending, use the box to ship the dead one back to them, and we'd be square. I thought this more than fair since (1) it was a few months out of warranty, and (2) though new and with a warranty on file, I bought it on eBay ... so you know.

    If it were me (and I'm not surgeon -- just a retired college president with no evident mechanical skillset), I'd contact Breville, warranty or no, and see what they say. But do let us know what the narrative turns out to be if you open it up, and good luck!

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    Descaling the Oracle

    hi guys,

    Since this morning, after 3 years, my oracle asks me for a Descaling.Should I do it (so far everything is fine I do not want to damage it) ? Which descaling produce to use in Australia ?

    Thank you

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    I just bought my BES980 a week ago.

    A lot of the times when the machine grinds and tamps coffee, the ground coffee in the portafilter is not polished. I can clearly see the "footprint" of the tamping fan.
    When the machine automatically doses and grinds, normally first you hear the resistance of the tamping fan going up, before you can hear it going down, until it doesn't have any resistance at all and it turning a little bit faster. (no resistance = correct polishing)
    When the problem occurs, after the grinding stops I hear the tamping fan having to cope with this resistance, and right until it stops turning.

    My feeling is that the this is because the grinding fase stops too late, so there's too much coffee in the portafilter. Because of that the ground coffee can't be polished.
    Once when I removed the tamping fan, alot of ground coffee came down that was piled up above the tamping fan.
    If it's true that too much coffee is ground, why does the grinding doesn't stop earlier?

    Could it be that the ground coffee slips in the double-shot filter?
    Is the grind-size of 30 too coarse?
    Is there something wrong with the machine itself?

    I noticed the single-shot filter (that came available after a few years) is sandblasted inside. I guess they had a good reason for that. Why did Breville not sandblast the double-shot filter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by milka View Post
    Hi all,

    Have had my Breville Oracle for nearly 12 months after coming from a Jura Micro ENA 9. Been really enjoying the quality out of the machine after realising it needs pretty fresh beans to work properly. That point alone has put me in contact with some roasters in my local area (Bayside in Melbourne, AUS), so win win!

    Late last week my Oracle developed an interesting issue. All of the beans I've previously used in the machine have had a grind dial setting of between 20 and 23, with good results. All of a sudden I had a grind take ages (with beans I'd used many times before), and it produced a puck that was so compacted no water could flow through. Bit of trial and error later I found that all of a sudden the required grind dial setting to produce a viable shot was up at 36!!!

    Has anyone encountered anything like this before?
    Finally got my Oracle back from Espresso Fix in Balwyn. Long round about due to the couriers damaging the unit and needing to wait for spare parts from Breville.... don't really appreciate how good the Oracle is until you go without it for a couple of months!

    Anyhow, if anyone else experiences what I described above, it's because the lower burr needs to be re-seated. Bit surprised this happened to the machine inside 12 months of use, but the guys at Espresso Fix said it's reasonably common and it's something they look at as part of their Oracle servicing... I've found some instructions online for doing it yourself, but I'd only go down that path if there wasn't another option... looked messy...

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