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Thread: Diagnostic path for dead La Scala Butterfly

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    Diagnostic path for dead La Scala Butterfly

    Hi everyone. Yesterday morning I turned my butterfly on and nothing - not a pip, not a light, not a sound, nothing. Tried a different poer point, same result.

    I've got it on the bench ready to open up and was wondering what things to check and in what order.


    Tangentially, does anyone know if there's a reset switch or fuse in there somewhere?



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    Hi Duncan;

    Check the following:
    1 Cut off water switch Take out the water tank and see if the switch (spring load) is activating this switch activates by weight
    2 your machine has two plates that in each side of the water tank, check that the wires are connected

    you are welcome to give us a call to help you to trouble shoot over the phone


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    I had one of these machines, when the water tank emptied it was detected with the 2 submersed plates, power was cut but a red light came on too. If you do have a red light on give the plates a clean with some steel wool as scale/grime can effect that function. No red light then it's probably off to a technician, I don't remember there being a fuse. You can try do a visual inspection of the control box, with mains unplugged. When mine blew up it had definite scorching on the outside and on the circuit board. That was a $400 ish replacement.

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