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Thread: G.Bezerra bz99 pumping/pressure issue

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    G.Bezerra bz99 pumping/pressure issue

    Hi all,

    i have a Bezerra bz99 , it's 15 yrs old . It's in very good condition up to this morning !

    i think my 3 yr old pressed the green button on this morning in his attempt to make us coffee.
    i think it was going for approx 20 mins before we found it and turned it off .

    now when I turn it on there is no vibrating noise . Water still comes out of the machine , but no pumping / vibration noise . There is only a 'click' when I press the green button .

    any info would be much appreciated.
    i can feel the withdrawals happening already .


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    Is the water level detector working? My old one needed the nuts to be tightened every now and then

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    When you say "water still comes out of the machine", do you mean from the group, or the water wand?

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    According to the specs that machine is supposed to have a low water level cutout to protect the pump. So that must have failed if it was running and dry when you found it.

    If you are hearing a click the most likely problem is the pump itself. You could confirm this by opening the case and measuring voltage at the pump after the click. I can't find where you would buy the pump but I think it's a pretty generic item.

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