I thought I’d share some tips for replacing the heating element on a Rancilio S24, although the tips may be applicable to other machines…

  1. First check that the heating element thermostat hasn’t tripped, to reset the heating element thermostat, you need to press the ‘red X’ button. Picture below.
    Thermostat Reset Picture
  2. When taking off the boiler, make sure you don’t loosen the screws that hold the boiler to the group head until you’ve disconnected everything else, also make you reattach the boiler to the group head first when reinstalling.
  3. When reinstalling the boiler, the pressure gauge tube is short and can easily slip under the boiler. Make sure this tube is in a position to reattach to the boiler before screwing the boiler to the group head.
  4. I found it useful to completely remove (both ends) the tube that goes to the top center of the boiler. This made it easier to access and loosen the other tubes, which remained in place.
  5. When replacing the heating element, make sure the rubber rings are transferred to the new heating element or the new element WILL leak under pressure. This will save you removing everything twice! Picture below...
    Picture of where rubber rings can be found
  6. When I first fitted the new heating element and a new element saver thermostat, I turned the machine on and it filled the tank then cut out. This is because the boiler had no water in it and the element saver thermostat tripped. To avoid this, turn on the machine without the heating element wires attached to fill the tank, then turn off the machine and attach the wires to see that it heats up. To reset the heating element thermostat, see step 1 above.

I hope this helps others who are doing the same procedure.