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Thread: Options for plumbing in BFC Junior machine

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    Options for plumbing in BFC Junior machine

    Hi folks

    Apologies if my pics, etc are posted a little clumsily, this is my first post on the forum.

    I bought a second hand BFC Junior on ebay. It sits on the counter, underneath some cupboards, which makes it difficult to fill the reservoir. Given the weight of the machine and how difficult it is to slide in and out, I have been considering connecting it to my kitchen sink water filter tap supply line.

    Does anyone have any advice?

    Options that I can see:
    1) run a 1/4" line from the water filter to a small thumb valve, then into the top of the reservoir.

    2) As 1), but fit a small float valve in the reservoir to control the flow. Given that there is no water level indication, this is a good option to avoid floods. However, it results in water remaining in the reservoir for longer than if I were to let the reservoir run low then fill it manually.

    For options 1 & 2, I'm fairly comfortable with how all this would go. I have found plenty of videos and advice online. Still interested in people's opinions as to which is better.

    Option 3) (My preferred) plumb the machine in, bypassing the reservoir. I have done lots of research on this option, but can't find any videos or blogs that show how this is done. I don't have a user manual, and can't find it online.

    I have opened up the machine and had a look for a dedicated connection,but can't find one. I can see a couple of options as to where I could attached the pipes (see pics below). My questions are:
    3a) Can I just bypass the pump (disconnect it from the reservoir and power)?
    3b) Is it ok for there to be permanent water pressure at my proposed connection locations? If not, how do I deal with this (e.g. solenoid valve driven by pump power cables)?
    3c) Does anyone have a view on the best places to connect?

    Any other options/advice would be very welcome.

    Thanks in advance,

    Best regards, Rob.

    Beneath water reservoir:

    Water connection to boiler, etc:

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    PS - typical - I've just found the manual! It says:
    If your machine is to be connected to the mains water supply call a specialized technician, who will connect the machine inlet pipe to the water softener (not provided) using the hose (3/8’’) provided. A pressure reducer must be installed. Switch on the water softener and check for any leaks.

    Does anyone know what the specialised technician would do?
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    Potential connection points 1 and 2 are no good as they are on the pump output side.

    I don't think you can connect direct to the pump inlet on a vibe pump?

    Not familiar with your machine but a simple float switch and plumbing to simply fill the tank might be easiest way.

    You can adjust for a low water level to minimise water volume if that is what you want.

    Put some felt under the rear feet (like the stuff you get for furniture legs when you have wood floors. Then you can tilt up the front and slide the machine on the rear legs relatively easily. On mine the rubber front feet give it enough grip to stay put when using the machine.

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    Hi Artman

    Thanks for the response. I think I'll follow your advice and look at the float switch. I'll also add some felt to the feet (we have wood floors, so I have some in the drawer).

    Cheers, Rob

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    Hi Rob

    You could fit a heavier duty 70W vibrating pump which has a threaded inlet, check out the link to Bombora for I can't post images.

    Or Coffee parts

    I would be using a 350kpa pressure limiting valve on the mains water which will give you a consistent inlet pressure, Bombora also have these.

    The PLV has a 1/2f inlet which will go onto a standard stop cock (tap) that you would get from the hardware, the type used for washing machines. The PLV outlet is a 1/4f and standard coffee machine braided water line is 3/8 so you would need a 1/4m x 3/8m brass nipple and a length of braided line. The pump has a 1/8f inlet and outlet so you will also need a 1/8m x 3/8m brass nipple to connect the braided line to the inlet of the pump.
    Here are some more links for some hose and nipples.

    The outlet of both pumps are 1/8f so you won't need to mod anything there.
    Not a hundred percent sure if having pressure going into a vibrating pump will cause any issues, I don't believe so and I can vaguely remember seeing plumb in kits for brand new vibrating machines when running them up after arriving from Europe, actually that has jogged my memory, the Expobar office range had a threaded fitting that clamped to the plastic inlet barb of the red pumps, that could be your cheapest option if you can get your hands on one of those fittings, I can't recall the part number sorry.
    Actually Coffee parts has something like it, here is the link:
    Oh and you will need to join the two wires going to your weight switch to simulate the the switch being closed from the weight of the water, just check the weight switch with an ohm meter and make sure in the down position that you have continuity across the two terminals that are being used just to make sure that is the way it has been wired up and if so just join the two wires, or just put something in the tank to way it down.

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