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Thread: Repairer recommendation Melbourne North

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    Repairer recommendation Melbourne North

    Hi coffee snobbers. I own an ECM Technicka Profi IV and the poor girl had started leaking on me.

    This happened once before and I managed to locate the problem and tighten the offending nut on the boiler (I think it's where the element bolts into the boiler).

    That was some time ago and now it is happening again, but all 3 nuts are very tight but the leak seems to be coming from the whole plate that is on the boiler.

    Anyway, it's never been serviced and I do neglect it. I am a bad man. So it needs the leak repaired and a thorough service/clean/descale.

    I live in North East Vic but no espresso machine repairers up here apart from general electrical appliance repair places.

    I think it really needs to go to a dedicated coffee machine repair place, and my only option apart from shipping it is to find a place near Thornbury or Fitzroy as I have a relative that goes down there fairly regularly. Either that or I treat myself to a trip to Melbourne. But even then if I drove down one day, dropped the machine in somewhere in the afternoon, stayed overnight somewhere, then wanted to return at some stage the next day, that probably wouldn't be enough time to overhaul my machine - assuming I could "book" it in somewhere as opposed to it sitting on a shelf for a week until it gets looked at.

    So, any recommendations for somewhere around those places or North of there where my nephew can drop the machine off without too much of a detour?

    Thanks everyone.

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    Rick bond coffee machinist is about the best in the buisness
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    Second the suggestion for Rick. Wizard and always works to a promised time frame in my experience too. Hes in Northcote
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