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Thread: Fiorenzato Bricoletta Volante - texturing milk

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    Fiorenzato Bricoletta Volante - texturing milk

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    Hi Folks

    I have a Volante at my holiday house and I cannot get it to texture milk for lattes - it heats milk and can make big bubble froth by having tip at surface of milk but will not texture it. The steam wand tip has 2 holes only. I normally use a Rocket at home (glorious Rocket) which by comparison is the bees knees. Can anyone offer advice on the Volante or for that matter where to buy spare steam tips (original or after market) in Melbourne.

    Thanks in anticipation.


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    Only off the top of my head can i say try having the tip dead bang in the middle of the jug and start with the tip on the surface till it gets to 40 deg then drop it slightly for the rest slowing down towards the end but always keep it in the centre. I have found this works on any machine ive use.

    are you getting enough steam? By the look of the machine i dont think you would have a problem with steam pressure.

    Welcome to Coffee snobs by the way.


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    Thanks Chris - have tried that. I have since discovered that the holes in the tip are too big @1.5mm - I am now trying to source a tip with 1.2mm holes.

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