Looking for some guidance, pursuing a decent machine for espresso, long blacks and cappas that will be domestically acceptable by SWMBO on a budget that grinds to a halt around $1500.
I usually make about 6 cappas and 5 black coffees a day.
I'm keeping my Mini Lever and probably getting a La Pavoni lever later, just because I love messing around when it's just me.
I have a good but not great 60mm flat burr grinder which will be next up for upgrade. But one thing at a time.
Choice seems to be limited in these parameters to (elderly-ish) used machinery, machines like Oscar 2, (which has no hot water tap for long blacks), and somewhat obscure brands/models for which very little hard information seems available.
I'm not overly excited by buying a 10+ year old veteran because my tech skills are a bit basic.
E61, for what it's worth isn't desired, dont ask.
Feel like I'm going in ever diminishing circles here.
Fortunately it's not too urgent but I find the constraints of cost are getting a bit challenging.
Any sane help welcome, I've been doing a lot of research so I don't ask for help lightly.
Thanks people