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Thread: WTT/WTB: Sunbeam EM6910 parts for other parts (need group collar)

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    WTT/WTB: Sunbeam EM6910 parts for other parts (need group collar)

    Hey folks,

    I just picked up a Sunbeam EM6910 in Ďparts or repairí condition. It was very dirty, but has cleaned up quite nicely and is fully operational as far as I can tell. The previous owner said the only issue was water leaking from the portafilter when trying to brew espresso. Iím not surprised as the group collar is well worn and the portafilter turns all the way round. Itís definitely beyond the point of being able to pack out the gasket so Iím after a new group collar. I can get them here in NZ for about $65, but I thought Iíd check here first to see if anyone has one that theyíd be willing to sell cheaper or to trade for other parts.
    Here is a list of the parts that Iím after (in order of priority):

    • Group collar
    • Cleaning insert
    • Cleaning and decalc tabs
    • Shower screen(s)
    • Group gasket

    Here is a list of parts that I have that Iíd be happy to trade:

    • EM6900/10 steam wand (x2)
    • EM6900 water wand
    • EM6900 drip tray
    • Silvia V1 steam wand (modded)
    • A range of old, but usable 58mm portafilters for various commercial machines
    • Ulka pump

      I have other bits and pieces as well, but canít think of them all without looking in my drawer so if thereís something youíre after just ask. Obviously Iíd need stuff shipped to me in New Zealand and Iím happy to make whatever arrangements necessary such as trading up with parts + cash, or covering postage. If itís just a straight purchase of a collar then obviously thereís no point if I canít beat that local price, so letís say AUS$30 shipped is my limit. Contact me via PM.



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    PM'd you mate.

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