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Thread: Gaggia Classic - $100

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    Gaggia Classic - $100

    Hi guys,

    Selling my Gaggia Classic. It is in full working condition but there are a couple of things:

    The main issue is the presence of specks in the water, I believe they are alumnium flakes from the boiler. I noticed it after I had descaled but they may have been present prior to then too.
    I tried adding baking soda to the water to lower the acidity but didn't make much difference.
    I think the boiler will either need a clean out or replacement - I see replacement boilers are only $65 on ebay.

    Second point is that when I stopped using this machine I put the steam wand onto the replacement Silvia, so it no longer has a steam wand.
    It has the fastening nut, so all you need is a Silvia V1/2 steam wand and you're set. This is what I had done, you can get them for $25 from ebay.

    I looked after the machine while I had it. Purchased second hand I removed the shower screen etc. cleaned it all out and have since backflushed with cleaner regularly.

    I am located in Brisbane and machine can be picked up from either Forest Lake or Brisbane central station.
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