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Thread: Faema marte 2 gr, faema urania 1/2 gr

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    Faema marte 2 gr, faema urania 1/2 gr

    i have for sale a faema marte 2 groups complete of all parts
    it is one of the first ever made, from 1950 with original holder (talked with some collectors, they may be prototypes)
    only missig the water spear that can be easly found and replaced
    it is one of the first in production, the holder are really rare and original

    the urania are fully restored and working as new
    i have shipped around 20 machines in au so i am not new on customs and boxes
    prices in euros:
    2900 marte
    3300 urania 2 gr
    3200 urania 1 gr
    Shipping not included
    for experience if you organize the ship from au is cheaper than italy

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