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Thread: Indonesia Sumatra C

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    Cool Indonesia Sumatra C

    Well I am drinking it now, initially it is certainly a full bodied Indo we know and love, add the spice aftertaste and at the back of the tongue, it's nice. As an SO it's a bargain but I think I'd use this as a base for blends. It would be perfect with a Peru, Brazil or Colombian for the spice. It won't take anything away from your blends but add another layer.

    Another bargain bean from Andy's warehouse, and at $8 a kg you can have an Indonesian bean with plenty of spice to fill any hole in your usual blends. I'd probably go as high as adding a third IndoSumatra C to my blends.

    Just thinking on it, I do much the same with my current Rwanda and Indonesian Sulawesi, I rarely drink them straight up, they just add so much more to other beans as a blend.

    I might try it with my PNG and the Ugandan as well, I'll let you know.

    Anyone else tried this bean?
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    Yes, Smokey. I thought I would grab a few bags for my blend and check it out. I roasted some for myself as an SO and I totally agree, a big, earthy chocolate finish Indo with some nice spice elements. Very happy to drink a bag of it as espresso. I found it cut thru milk fine as well.

    I reckon Andy has found a sleeper with this bean, the price will put some off, (cant be good if its that cheap), the 'C" might put some off too, sounds like its a C grade bean!! - but those that try it will discover a very good Indo at a fantastic price.

    It works nicely in my personalised KJM blend - not sure I can really pick the difference from any other Indo or PNG in the blend though, it has the elements I am looking for in my beans from that region so I wouldnt expect much change in the flavour profile of the blend.
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