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Thread: Aceh Danau Laut Tawar

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    Aceh Danau Laut Tawar

    Purchased 4 bags recently: Aceh Danau, Yirgacheff, Sulawesi and PNG Wahgi.

    The Aceh beans provide the richest flavour profile of the 4, tried pour over, wasn't great as the have more earthy notes, but milk based espresso these are amazing. Andy's comments on beanbay are apparent in the cup, rich, fruitcake and excellent in milk based (we use bonsoy).

    I'd highly recommend these, have used in some simple blends too (i usually have 3-4 different beans roasted at any one time, and will blend in the grinder hopper, awesome, our favorite bean so far. Have tried to roast per the beanbay suggestion, easy up front to equalise the roast across the different bean sizes, don't wait too long though to ramp the heat up as they do take a lot of heat to get moving. Roasting another batch tonight, not a bean we want to run out of.

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    Hi Janus,

    Do you mind sharing your approach/profile in roasting these? ie, bean temp, time to first crack, how long post first crack, second crack etc. It's an interesting bean to me as it seems to contain a lot of acids using my usual approach, much especially considering it is an Indon bean. I tried roasting these to 220C (my typical drop temp range is 205-215C), with 4:30(!!) post first crack time, and still got quite a bit of the brightness. Other beans would've been flat with this approach. Really unusual/interesting.

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