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Thread: Refilling Aldi Kfee machine pods. A study.

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    Refilling Aldi Kfee machine pods. A study.

    OK, time to present my findings on refilling the Aldi pod for reuse in the Aldi machine. When I started this experiment a few months ago I went by a Youtube video that recommended obtaining the top and bottom pod filters of the Woollies Select brand pods and re-using those filters in the Aldi pod. In other words, open a used Aldi pod, remove the top plastic filter and bottom mesh filter and replace them with the Select pod filters starting with the bottom one, adding your fresh ground beans and clicking the top filter in place to hold the coffee in place. Then pop the pod in the machine and press the button. bingo, a pretty good result and at a cost of about 8 cents a cup compared to 37 cents for the Aldi pods. And a bit eco to boot, given that the old pods were not going to landfill somewhere.

    After a while, I decided that the Select filters were not really replicating the design of the Aldi pods and therefore not infusing my coffee to the best standard so I decided to ditch the Select filters and just use the existing Aldi pod filters. So, I took a used Aldi pod and, after removing the top plastic filter, rinsed it out with the bottom filter left in place. After filling with my coffee, I popped the old top Aldi filter in place, dropped it into the machine and, bingo, an even better cup at the same low cost.

    Ok, first you all say what a waste of time to save a few pennies. Well, no more a waste of time than picking the beans from our coffee trees and processing them into green beans for roasting in our trusty Breville popper!

    A bit fiddly to do each day, you say. Well, I do the pods up in batches of 10 and freeze them for daily use.

    After a few cups with the same pod, I'm detecting that the obviously one-trip bottom filters are becoming congested and impeding the brew flow. Solution, use the Classic bottom filter with the Aldi top filter.

    Pretty soon, from what I read, third party, refillable Aldi pods will be on the market. This will be excellent and I'll report on those when they come to hand.

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    I have K-fee syatem machine called Paulig Cupsolo. I have been trying to refill these capsules for few months and cannot say with a great success. I have to cover capsule with folie, but it breaks and water will not flow through the coffe or if i put less coffee in then coffe will be not as strong as it would be using original capsules. Without folie and with only top filter water wouldnt go through capsule at all. I have tried different folies but succeeded with a tasty coffee only few times.

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    TT - the process would be too much trouble for me based on the "return" for my labours, but I am a bit OCD and have been known to persevere with activities that others regarded as an insane waste of time - so I understand similar preoccupations by others.
    All my friends think I am nuts to use my manual (not plumbed-in) Diadema Perfetta. The set-up, coffee making and clean up process takes about 45 mins from go to whoh, and they are not prepared to wait that long for a coffee. Many of them have Pod machines for this reason.
    I kind of wonder whether someone who is willing to go to this much trouble filling pods isn't a Coffee-Snob "in-waiting" and won't transition to an Espresso Machine in the very near future.
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