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Thread: Underextraction vs Overextraction!

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    Pretty much mate!

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    Ah cool okay haha *fist pumps*, thanks mate.

    And that makes sense that the TDS for espresso is much much higher compared to filter brewed coffee ,the filter brew would be less solubles (or moreso same/similar solubles extracted, but less concentration) based on the sheer amount of extra water used.

    Now how to translate all this into useable practical knowledge haha, I'll research BH, they usually are pretty good with that

    (I just wrote a whole bit and deleted about why I didn't understand why the chart was showing TDS to be higher for filter brews but didn't realise the percentages were 1.2%, thought it said 12% XD my bad!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrJack View Post
    FYI - Espresso is WAAAY off the scale of that chart.

    18 g (ground coffee) * 20% extracted = 3.6g (coffee dissolved)
    3.6 g (coffee dissolved) / 30g (espresso) = 12% TDS

    Yes, you're right, the chart shows a filter coffee and I should have stated so.

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