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Thread: New to everything, holey puck problems

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    New to everything, holey puck problems

    Hi All,

    Firstly thank you everyone who's contributed to make this site such a great resource.
    I've spent a lot of time reading on here the past few weeks as I've researched and bought my first machine and all the bits to go with it.

    2KG of coffee later I'm starting to pull some nice shots, but I seem to still struggle with what I think is channeling in the puck, see photo below:

    Expobar Minore IV (vib pump), Pesado shower screen, Pesado double portafilter, VST 20g ridged basket
    Eureka Atom
    Pesado tamper
    LW Blind Shaker

    Beans: five senses dark horse (roasted 31-Oct)
    D: 20g, Y: 40g, T: 25-28s
    5 second pre-infusion (pre-wet? I think because the vib pump doesn't reach line pressure..)
    Temp: 94 degrees C
    Pressure: 9 bar

    Taste: strong... not unpleasant but a little boring compared to the sweetness I've tasted from this bean in my local cafe.

    I was just reading about the coin test so I'll try that tomorrow, anything else I should try to fix the puck?


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    Patience grasshopper. It took me quite a while to be able to pour consistent shots. Keep trying and watch your distribution especially in the area near where the handle connects to the portafilter. Think about investing in a bottomless portafilter to help diagnose uneven extraction. you can also try adjusting the grind and the brew temperature
    As you don't have the same espresso machine and grinder as your local cafe, you won't necessarily get the same results but you can still get great results.
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    What are your habits with grinding, from start to finish of the day, do you purge? How many shot do you make in a session? How many sessions a day? How do you site the beans? How much do you keep in the hopper?
    How do you distribute? and tamp?

    You say this is your first machine, what experience do you have making coffee before this?

    Best yet upload a video to YouTube and post the link here of you making a shot how you normally do, that'll be the quickest way.

    Also did you get the recipe from your local cafe? If you're not using the same recipe it probably won't taste the same.

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    Also, some one-on-one training would give you a huge leg-up in getting up to speed quickly...
    Quite a few reputable specialist retailers run basic barista courses and are well worth attending.


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    Another thought, if it's just a little boring, it might just be a little overextracted. To reduce extraction grind slightly coarser, or lower temperature to 93 or even 92, tamp a little lighter... Is your preinfusion part of the 25-28 or additional to?

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    Agree with flynnaus a naked portafilter will assist with correcting any problems with distribution and tamping.

    I have a similar setup to you. Minore IV, IMS screen, Rocket naked portafilter, 20g VST basket.

    I get a little clumping from my grinder so I grind into a container and breakup my grinds before filling basket and tamping.

    This routine gives even extraction. I can monitor the results at the other end of the naked portafilter.

    My beans at the moment are Padre Coffee DG, my recipe is 20g in 40g out. Time 35 secs from time lever is activated.

    I have gone out to 45 secs with good results, shorter times however, give thin under extracted pours. At 35 seconds, I get a thick, syrup like pour.

    Results have been consistent from one bean to another, with minimal adjustment of the grind.

    I drink my coffee with milk so more forgiving than espresso shots.

    The best advice here is to go "naked".


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