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Thread: Stainless steel frame or not..

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    Stainless steel frame or not..

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    Hi To all,
    Still learning my way around in here. This seems a good way to get accurate and great advice.
    I am looking at getting my first 'real' espresso machine.
    Currently, I am down to two that seem good to me.
    They are the Isomac Pro Dual Boiler PID and the La Pavoni Giotto Dual Boiler PID. I was looking at e61, rotating pumps machines as my 'wants', and have come across these two which have dual boilers as well and I basically have a really good deal negotiated on offer for both that seems to make just getting the single boiler not worth it (ie; less than $200 more in both cases)
    They are very similar in looks and specs and I am told same ownership group overall. All specs literally seem the same to me.
    The Isomac has both a stainless steel body AND frame.
    Does anyone know whether the La Pav also has a stainless steel frame (as well as body)?
    I am leaning toward the La Pavoni as I prefer the tap-knobs over the levers on the water/steam taps/wands.
    I have been told that the stainless frame is definitely very preferable when it's an option, but will take advice on that here. ( but it is the only preference I have here between the two-hence my questions on the frame)
    Like, would you buy the machine you preferred slightly less because it had a stainless frame?
    I realize these are both good machines, and review and appear to stack up well against each other and that there is always a degree of personal preference in there too, but I was wondering over the real significance of the stainless frame, and specifically whether the La Pavoni has one, in which case, tomorrow morning, I will buy myself one.
    Learn me good guys...

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    As long as the frame is well made and powder coated properly I wouldn’t let the frame sway my decision.

    I have an Alex Duetto with stainless frame and previously had a Bezzera Domus Galatea II, which had a great quality steel frame that was well finished. I couldn’t see this frame being an issue anytime soon, it was just great quality.

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    From my observation, frames generally seem to stand up pretty well.

    I have a feeling the machines we see with rusted out frames and internals in most cases have been sadly neglected/misused, as the old saying goes
    "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

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    Cool-thanks very much.

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    Thanks for advice guys-on this as well as an earlier thread. The La Pav does have a stainless frame as well. I just bought the La Pavoni Giotto Dual Boiler PID and a Eureka ATOM grinder. Bought them through (site sponsor) Casa Espresso in Brighton, VIC. Dealt with Anthony, who was very helpful.
    Thanks to all.
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