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Thread: Compak E5

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    Good on you NuBEnFL; nobody else can tell you what gear is right for you! They're a weird bunch on some of those US forums - very set in their ways and not open to new ideas.

    They're a weird bunch here too, but they're our weird bunch

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    Quote Originally Posted by NuBEnFL View Post
    I finally am happy with my purchase, it does an excellent grind and it's extremely good quality. As to the tamper I got it from of all places Australia, it's a local company with some of the finest people I've ever dealt with it's called Eazytamp and here is their link to their website
    Like you, I've had my share of chopping and changing grinders. My last two are both Eurekas and I like them both - however the E5 does look interesting.....
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    I bought a white E5 and am very happy with it. I chose it over the proven m4d from my shortlist because of the newer style interface. I can't say it is better than macap though.

    I replaced a cunill tranquilo and it is better for the improvements i wanted compared to my cunill, eliminating requirement of extra distribution techniques, easier consistent shots, not having to brush out the chute and quicker with easily adjustable timer, plus 3 set shot times is nice addition too.

    Also, other positives are an easy and quick adjustment of grind fineness, nice interface which is easy to use and see, small beans hopper available, different grind modes with push button for portafilter, powerful motor, good quality durable build and I think it looks good (especially in white).

    The only real concern I have is that I am very low (below 0) on the grind number scale. I'm not sure if this means I'm nearly out of adjustment to go finer or it always adjusts until burrs touch and now is just offset to the number scale provided. Also, I feel the dose output, as weighed, could be a bit more consistent, but mainly isn't too bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NuBEnFL View Post
    I really want to thank everyone on this board for being so kind and welcoming, I put the same thing up on my board in the states and I have a bunch of idiots telling me that I have OCD because I kept on changing my grinder. Once again I want to thank everyone for being so welcoming to me, it really is truly appreciated.
    We've been watching you American guys closely over there mate, my best advice to you would be >>>> RUN. Come to Oz, bring your lovely machine and Grinder with you! If you are bringing any hats, hold onto them tight if you go to Melbourne, there's a guy down there that has a hat eating fettish.
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