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Thread: Eureka Atom, Macap M4D, Compak E5 OD - which one to choose?

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    Eureka Atom, Macap M4D, Compak E5 OD - which one to choose?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi Everyone, I've been looking at getting a new machine and grinder, and scrolling through the hundreds of threads on here to get a better understanding of how they work and what is good, bad, and ugly.
    I can't afford the whole package at the moment, so I've decided to get a grinder first and a machine later on.
    Budget is about 1K.
    I would be drinking 1-2 a day, mostly espresso, occasionally latte.
    I want something that is going to last a lifetime, so have ruled out anything that has questionable reviews on durability.
    I don't have the most amount of bench space, so have stuck with smaller grinders.
    My preference is for doserless, and programmable times for 1/2cups.
    Ideally a worm drive or something similar for easily making small adjustments
    After searching and reading until my keyboard is worn out, my shortlist is currently: Eureka Atom, Macap M4D, Compak E5 OD

    Now for the questions….

    Are there any major differences between these I am missing? (besides the quietness of the Atom)
    Do I need to delve deeper into the grind consistency, clumping, messiness, grind retention… or are they all fairly comparable so not going to make a huge difference?
    Given all of the above, is there one that you would recommend over the others? Why?
    At risk of opening a can of worms, is there something else I should consider because it is markedly better than these?

    I have a Fiorenzato e4-nano and Mazzer Mini E at work, and both are quality grinders, but trying to dial right in can be hard to get the sweet spot because you have to manually move the collar and they tend to jump a bit. So have ruled them out in favour of worm-drive adjustable grinders.

    Thanks in advance,
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    I can vouch for the purchase of an Atom.

    I've had mine for a few weeks now and I think it's wonderful.

    - Excellent fluffy grind that is tastes awesome in the cup and is incredibly easy to distribute without much effort - I previously had a Super Jolly Electronic which took 45-60 seconds to properly distribute in order to get a decent extraction....

    - Incredibly quiet

    - Solid construction and easily cleaned

    - Grind adjustment is dead simple and works a treat

    You really can't go wrong with the ATOM. I'm in the same boat as you drinking espresso mostly. I do wish it had less grind retention, but if you're not single dosing, the ATOM will fit the bill.

    Casa Espresso is your best bet when buying one - best price in AUS for the grinder.


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    We have an Atom and M4D demo side by side on the demo bench.

    Feel free to come into our showroom to compare.

    The Atom is certainly my pick of the bunch



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    What if you’re a single doser?

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    I too can vouch for the Atom - never used the other so can't compare, but I am loving the ease and quietness of the Atom. Produces consistently good grinds, on the money in terms of weight in the basket and I only add a small amount of beans each time so whilst not single dosing as such I am not having beans sat around in the hopper for a day or so.

    I can find I can just over fill the little chute that goes to the burrs and there is no impact the end result in the cup.

    One thing I will say is to completely ignore the numbers on the dial, they bear no relation to the actual grind setting. I simply use the numbers as a reference to remember where I am rather than an actual setting of 1 or 2 etc.

    No matter what you end up with you will be happy.

    Good luck.

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    I replaced a Compak K6 with the Eureka Atom and after 6 weeks I am really happy with it for all the reasons stated above. Got mine from Casa Espresso.

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