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Thread: Pimp my smart grinder!

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    Pimp my smart grinder!

    I had the grinder apart to replace the worn grind impeller under the lower burr and thought why not try to get some light into the dosing chamber.

    I had a couple of LEDs and holders salvaged from cheap breville machine (indicator lights from memory):

    led and holder.JPG

    Found a 4.8v source on the PCB that has the display etc:

    circuit power source.jpg

    Thought it would be a bit much for the LEDS but its perfect. Connecting to the existing LEDs resulted in too dim light.

    The LEDs are installed in front of the grind chute, and these tabs on the front panel interfere a bit so had to trim them down:

    trimed tabs.JPG

    and here is the result, looking slightly up at the LEDs:


    And with the PF in place:

    lit PF.JPG

    Works very well for a simple mod. The LEDs turn on and off with the rest of the grinder lighting and provides very effective illumination.

    The only issue is that the grinder now hovers at 90 degrees off vertical as seen in the last two pics....


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    Goid job, nice little mod

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