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Thread: Roasting Guide Spreadsheet with Graph

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    That's great Sando - a really useful comparative resource!
    It is interesting looking back - I've got paper profiles from a few years ago, and when I go back, note very similar changes in my roasting time and profile. That 18-20 min roast really seems the sweet spot in a Corretto…

    And great Excel work :-)


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    Thanks this is really helpful

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    Hi Peter

    DO you still have the following spreadsheet - link seems broken?

    I would love to get my hands onto it.

    Quote Originally Posted by pcf1978 View Post
    Hi All,

    I thought I’d share my Coffee Roasting Guide / Excel Spreadsheet.

    Ive taken a whole lot from coffee snobs over the years - I thought it was time to contribute something!

    I started roasting about 2 years ago - with 2 Breville popcorn makers. About 9 months ago I switched to the Corretto. The biggest challenge for me was working out exactly when to ramp the heat and when to back it off.

    My research and trials led me to designing this coffee roasting spreadsheet.
    The ‘Ideal Temp’ roast profile suits most roast I do – just change the values to suit your own profile.
    The ‘Current’ row is where I map my current roast, each minute I record the temperatures and try to keep them as close to the ‘Ideal Temp’ as possible.

    Anyhow – feel free to have a play, I’m interested in your feedback and hopefully this helps some beginners get started!


    Here’s the spreadsheet – just unzip the two files into the same folder. You will need macros enabled should you want to use the stopwatch!

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    Is the spreadsheet perhaps available somewhere as the link seems to have died. Been quite a while after all.

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