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Thread: Vacuum cooler question.

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    Vacuum cooler question.

    Hey guys. I've made a cooler hooking a vacuum up to a bucket with a colander sitting in the top for the beans. Cools the beans to room temp in 2-3 minutes and sucks the chaff into the bucket but then the internal thermostat won't let me turn the vacuum back on for at least 30 minutes.

    only a pita if I want to do a few batches in a row.

    I know i'm not the first to have made a cooler like this so i'm wondering if others have experienced the same problem and is there a work around?

    Or do I simply have to be patient

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    I have found that blowing rather than sucking air is better. You need to remember that the beans are at a couple of hundred degrees when you dump them into the cooler, enough to melt plastic.
    I started with a metal colander sitting atop a panel type fan resting on its side which worked quite well. My current cooler is a bathroom exhaust inside a plant pot with a bakers sieve mounted on top. Cools in less than 2 mins.
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    Another plus for the bathroom fan. $20-30, get one the right diameter to fit your setup and you have whisper quiet cooling.

    Blowing air from vacuum not really ideal as it can blow in dust and other crud from inside the unit. And sucking the hot air softens plastic hose and can collapse on itself ruining your cooling experience.

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    This is my version for quick cooling my roasts, I used an old metal TV trolley, the cooling tray on top was the lower shelf which I modded, a kitchen/bathroom exhaust fan does the cooling, when finished I wheel it back under the bench for next time!
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