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Thread: Hi! Im new here. Go easy on me!

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    Welcome Guys....

    Will look forward to reading your posts; don't be shy...

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    Hello world!

    This is my first ever post. I have been a CS surfer for quite a few years now and loved the friendly environment and the knowledge people have over here. A bit about me:

    Based in Victoria/Australia and brew around 28-40 shots/week. I have a Mazzer Mini Electronic, paired with a Breville Dual boiler (BES 920). Sadly, the Breville decided to have steam/pump issues and was quoted $385-400 to fix (by espressofix). Not keen on fixing, I am in the market for my next dual boiler beast.

    Unable to justify the $8k LM GS3 spend, I am doing my final research before I pull the trigger on an ECM Synchronika. The top 3 dual boiler finalists for me were the Rocket R58, Profitek 700 and ECM Synch. Since I am really keen on the shot timer, I dropped Rocket R58 from my list so now its between the Profitek and ECM Synchronika.

    Heavily leaning towards the ECM synchronika at this stage (mainly due to the build quality over the profitek). As this will be a long term investment for me 7+ years, I am happy to pay a bit more.

    Will update once/after I purchase!


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    Hey Paul,

    Yes, we indeed speak today. Thanks for your help so far. I'll keep you posted!
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    Hi! Im new here. Go easy on me!

    Iíve owned more machines than I can count and one of the best was an Alex duetto.

    It was by far the quietest machine I have owned. More so than the Linea Mini that Iím currently using. Worth trying them all out in the flesh I say.

    I havenít tried the other two so canít compare them but did own an R58
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    Quote Originally Posted by K_Bean_Coffee View Post
    Welcome guys.
    dmz, you're in Melbourne so keep your eyes open for one of my free training days
    Enjoy the forum.
    Thanks, will do.

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    This is a welcome thread so let's keep it that way.

    ## New Rule for Site Sponsors ##

    Site Sponsors are encouraged to welcome new members in this thread but posting sales blurb, links and pictures is not cool.

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    Hi all,

    Another long time lurker but first time poster here. The forum has provided me a lot of helpful info to date so I figure it's time to repay by contributing (well as far as my limited experience allows me too anyway...)

    My first foray into home brewed coffee started about 4 years ago with a Moka pot and supermarket ground coffee... It's fair to say I had unrealistic expectations of what to expect from a Moka pot.. I wanted to make espresso.. with that oh so rich crema on top.. Reflecting back on some of those early attempts the coffee was mostly horrible.

    Thankfully I soon bought an appliance grade grinder (Breville Dose Control) and sourced some locally roasted whole beans and things started to improve drastically.

    Since then I've dabbled with a couple of other brewing methods such as french press, pour-over and the Aeropress (probably my favourite acquisition to date!) but now I really want to start exploring the world of home-made espresso. I've recently acquired a Sunbeam EM7000 to start me off on that journey.

    Let's see where I end up...
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