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Thread: How to do a simple image posting

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    How to do a simple image posting

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    This post will walk you through how to do a simple image insert into a post.

    Type your message in the reply/post box, then place the cursor where you want the image to be put. For ease of viewing it is recommended that an image be placed between lines of text with an empty line on either side of it as shown in the following image (The cursor is surrounded by the yellow box.). Once you are ready to put the picture in click on the "Insert Image" icon (Surrounded by the red outline in the following image.) in the toolbar. Note that the toolbars you see on your system may be different from what is shown here depending on your setup but the icon will remain the same.

    Insert Image Icon.jpg

    When the 'Insert Image' window opens click on 'From Computer' (You can also click on 'From URL' to insert an image from another website. The process will be slightly different from what is described here however.), then click on the 'Select Files' button:

    Select Files Button.jpg

    Your file browser will open allowing you to select the image you want to post. Once you have selected the image in your file browser and returned to the 'Insert Image' window you will see the file now listed there. Click on the 'Upload File(s)' button.

    Upload Files Button.jpg

    The file will then be uploaded to Coffee Snobs and you will be returned to your posting window where you will now see the attachment tag (Boxed in red in the following image.) where the cursor was. DO NOT CHANGE OR MODIFY THIS TAG! You can move the entire tag to a different location if need be but do not change or modify any part of the tag, doing so will prevent the picture from being posted/displaying. Deleting the tag will of course prevent the picture from being posted/displayed.

    Attached File Tag.jpg

    Once you are done adding all the text and images click on the Post Quick Reply/Submit Reply/Submit New Thread and you should see your new post complete with images.

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