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Thread: NEW - What do you use to home roast?

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    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Have been using a KK roaster for 6 years now and just have to occasionally change over the heating unit. Usually just buy a $30 unit from Aldi when they come on sale. Also had a new shaft made out of stainless as the aluminium one developed a deep groove and was only a matter of time before it failed. Usually roast about 600 grams at a time and works a treat. Have thought about getting a commercial machine but just like the idea that I can roast more than 500 grams at a time.
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    I still use a heat gun and breadmaker (Coretto i think it's known as) or a great 1kg roast. Works a treat

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    Roast in my garage with a bread maker & heat gun. Also use the flour sifter and heat gun. Use the Behmor 1600+ from April thru Nov.
    Colorado winters and unheated garage invite electronic, pre-programed failures.
    I got a Breville Barista Express BES 870xl 3 weeks ago.....Really enjoying coffee now!
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    I roast on an Arc (from Crop to Cup).
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    I've had a Behmor 1600+ for a month or two now. Seems to do the job, reasonable low smoke/smell due to the catalytic converter, but I do it outside as it still stinks up the house pretty good.

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    Getting back into roasting over the last couple of months, after a break of several years.
    For start-up cost, load size and flexibility, its hard to beat a Corretto.
    Working on adding a built in, standalone temperature logger to it, which also had a USB output for connection to PC/tablet/smartphone for logging. I may add PID for heatgun output.

    Ignore the magenta RoR trace in the pic: I applied a correction curve to the thermocouple sensor but when this first trial roast was done, the RoR got messed up by the correction. That's why I ended a little steep too.
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    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    Me too for a humble breadmaker and a heat gun. Aka corretto.
    Cheap to buy cheap to maintain and roster beans are as good as from any roaster I know.
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