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Thread: Which roaster should a rookie roaster start with

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    Which roaster should a rookie roaster start with

    Hi all,

    I am pretty new here. I am looking for an entry level roasting machine, say anything up to about 1k. I would prefer something that can roast around 300-500g at a time. From looking around it seems the Behmor 1600 Plus might be my best option. Does anyone have any other roasters that I should also consider? If spending a bit extra gets me bigger batch sizers or a better quality roast then I would also consider it.

    Currently I am roasting small quantities in a pop corn maker. The end result tastes better than beans I purchase but it is a bit hit and miss and I need to roast multiple batches a day to keep up with my consumption. :-)

    Any advice on roasters would be appreciated.

    Cheers all,

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    Very hard to recommend anything other than the Behmor Plus from a value, performance and batch size capability.

    If you want to go for larger batch sizes, say up to a Kilo, then you either have to look at something approaching $K4-5 and higher or cobble together your own version of a BBQ Roaster, Corretto or similar. The thing with DIY roasters of course, is that because it is unique, you have to develop your own operational method and guidelines. Plenty of willing and experienced CSers here though, happy to offer advice to get you started...


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    Hi Shewey
    If you don't want to lay out huge $$$$$ a Corretto or KKTO set-up would be the way to go, both produce great roasts at a very reasonable outlay, plenty of posts on both set-ups on CS.
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    Sound advice above. Or you could get 2 behmors if you want to roast larger batches?

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    I need to roast multiple batches a day to keep up with my consumption. :-)
    that brings me to :

    Nick's Second Law of Home Roasting : Coffee consumption increases proportionate to coffee roasting ability, such that roast size can never QUITE keep up with consumption.

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    A second hand bread machine and heat gun are about the cheapest, except for the colander and wooden spoon method (and nothing wrong with that either!), decent batch size roaster you can get for great results. Take a hundgy from your grand, bulid a BM set up and try that out and you might be surprised how really simple and effective the method is, you can still get a retail roaster from a sponsor with the remaining 900 should you be dissatisfied -and sell on your BM kit.
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    I started with a Behmor 1600 Plus eighteen months ago. 100 roasts later not one stuff up, beautiful even roasts, machine has not skipped a beat, easy to us, and with the cheaper cost of green beans it has well and truly paid for itself. Highly recommended.
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    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    Thank you to everyone for your responses and great info. I think I will give the Behmor a go, however first I will go over to my parents place to see if they still have their old bread maker that they never use. :-)

    Nick, I suspect you are right about roasting never keeping up with coffee consumption. :-)


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