Excellent coffee roaster in a mint condition. We used it as a shop roaster doing only small batches once a week. You can roast up-to 35kgs in an hour. This roaster performs wonderfully and has never let us down. There are no visible scratches or damages at all.

We bought the roaster about two and a half years ago in May 2014. We just sold our cafe and the new owner did not want the roaster anymore. So we are selling it here.

Since it was a shop roaster, we always kept it clean, serviced it regularly and maintained it by the books. We welcome you to come and inspect the roaster at our Dandenong Factory where she is being stored at the moment.

Some of its features:

  • Four separate motors for rotating the drum, drum fan, mixer and mixer exhaust.
  • The roaster comes complete with the cyclone and chaff collector as shown in photos.
  • Works on LPG currently, but can be changed to natural gas with a small change ($100) in the burner.
  • Extra temperature probe and water sprinkler in the cyclone for added safety.
  • High-efficiency burner components installed for increased performance.
  • Flueing (ducts) available for an additional $500.
  • Happy to throw in a temperature logger.

If youd like more information on the roaster specs, then please look at the website here - HAS GARANT

Asking price - $18,500 including GST. Bought for $24,000 new.

Serious buyers only - please no curious tyre kickers. PM me for more details.