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Thread: !!!SOLD!!! - FS: [MEL] $250 Gaggia Classic and Grinder

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    !!!SOLD!!! - FS: [MEL] $250 Gaggia Classic and Grinder

    Selling a 2001 Gaggia Classic and a 2003 Saeco MAC001 grinder as a package

    The Gaggia has had a full strip and recondition:
    - Boiler reconditioned with manual descale and boiler face renewed
    - OPV and solenoid disassembled and parts descaled separately
    - New silicone seals throughout, this includes the main boiler seal
    - New stainless steel bolts to replace the galvanised steel ones at all major joins
    - OPV reset and checked at 9 bar static pressure.
    - New group seal
    - New stainless steel solenoid vent pipe, as the old one was split.

    This old machine should go at least another 10 years without concerns, however it does show its age. The main basket is a bit stained and dinged around the edge and the case has wear and tear marks, but none of this effects the functionality. The old style steam wand can have the panarello removed and be long enough to use as it is.

    The Saeco grinder has wee little 40mm flat burrs. It has been stripped and cleaned and the burrs are still in good condition.

    Collection in Melbourne, Elwood.
    I'm more than happy to open the machine up for the buyer and go through everything, make a coffee, etc!


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    Now sold. Thanks!

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