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Thread: !!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - Rancilio Silvia V3 - with extras

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    !!!PRESUMED SOLD!!! - Rancilio Silvia V3 - with extras

    Up for sale is my Rancilio Silvia V3, in perfect working order.

    The machine cosmetically looks great on the surface, but the drip tray has a little bit of rust on the end (which is covered by the drip tray cover). I have gotten a real up close and ugly picture of this for full disclosure. When it is covered by the drip tray, it is not at all visible and looks just to be some surface rust.

    I pulled the machine apart completely a little over a year ago and cleaned out the boiler completely. The machine is cleaned regularly and will be descaled before sold.

    Willing to ship anywhere in Australia at buyer's expense. Other I am located in Canberra for pickup, or could possibly meet in Sydney.

    Why am I selling: It is time to part ways to move onto the world of double boiler machines

    Comes with extras:

    Rancilio single basket
    Rancilio double basket
    Synesso triple basket

    Rancilio double spout portafilter
    Rancilio naked portafiler

    Matched tamper (I forget the brand, but it is not a cheapie, cost about $60)

    Price: $450 negotiable - don't hesitate to shoot me a message if you have any questions.

    edit: Sorry, not sure why all the photos uploaded sideways - you'll just have to tilt your head.
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    Is is this still available?

    Interested, but I’m in Brisbane!!

    how much do you reckon postage would be??



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    Hej man! is it already sold?

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