Im selling my old machine and grinder in Australia $300 + shipping.

Had the machine for 5 years, its got a new ulka pump and solenoid (6 months old, an upgraded model which is quieter and with brass central body). NOTE the machine needs further repairs.

I suspect the o rings are gone on the boiler as there is a leak out the top where the white plastic pipe goes in (noted I am no espresso tech!).
So the machine currently is dropping steam out the top of the boiler which comes out around the tray once up to pressure, this seems to be effecting steam pressure and extraction (still extracts but seems to be effecting pressure and temp)

Best suited to someone capable of repairs, or for parts. The grinder is fine just used as you would expect. Black sesame colour. Note - Machine is very well used, so scuffs around the tray etc as you can see below.