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Thread: Coffee Roasters Australia

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    Coffee Roasters Australia

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    Coffeeroasters australia.jpg

    Coffee Roasters Australia

    Phone: 0413 611 296
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    Re: Coffee Roasters Australia

    Hi Everyone,

    The new Coffee Roasters Australia website is now up and running. Check it out at

    Unfortunately Coffee Roasters Australias founder Les Hawker passed away at the start of the year. We are glad to be able to continue his dedication to supplying quality machines and service to the coffee industry though Coffee Roasters Australia. Our range of brands are growing and we are working closely with manufacturers to ensure quality and reliability is achieved with the equipment we provide.

    The HAS GARANTI roasters continue to grow in popularity with two more shipments due by the end of the year. Please get in quick as we still have some left on our last shipment.

    We are always looking to increase our stable of brands we supply and are proud to be able to offer the state of the art COFFEE-TECH roasters and machinery. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a Ghibli 15kg with afterburner for our showroom. We have already had a lot of interest in this roaster and we are looking forward to being able to demonstrate it soon!

    Also arriving soon is the next shipment of Solar Automatic 2kg Electric Roasters. These are perfect for the coffee shop setup and even more exciting is the launch of the ductless version! This eliminates the need for venting as the smoke is recycled and is the perfect solution for coffee shops. Please register your interest with us, this is state of the art equipment.

    We have plenty of stock of the I-ROAST 2s. These can be a great Christmas present and make roasting at home easy and affordable. They may even fit in that Christmas stocking!!! We will have another exciting new product for the home roasting market coming soon so watch this space.

    Please contact us to discuss your roasting equipment needs.

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    Re: Solar Autoroast Discussion thread

    New Torrefattore 2kgs are on a plane to us tonight!

    We have upped the order to 6 units as 3 of the initial 4 have already been presold. These 6 are at a promotional launch price of $9990 inc gst so if you are interested dont delay as they will move into line with the solar at $11,990 after these have sold.

    Anyone requiring information please contact myself, Talk Coffee (Vic) or cuppacoffee (NSW)

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    Just a prelude to a 6 in one specialty cafe grinder we are about to launch in this market.

    Will be well suited to specialty cafes needing to serve a variety of origins or blends to customers without contamination of coffee grinds. Only one power cord, neat and tidy, very well built and affordable.

    Retail and wholesale enquiries can be forwarded to Coffee Roasters Australia at

    Cheers, Mark

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    Re: Coffee Roasters Australia

    Just wanting to advise that the FF-ZR700 (Baby Roasters) are back in stock both manual and motorised.

    Manual $270 inc GST
    Motorised $380 inc GST

    Plus $20 freight courier (usually overnight)

    Please send enquiries to:

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    I have for sale a second hand Nuova Simonelli Musica that we took as a trade in recently.

    It has a build date of March 2011 and is in almost new condition. We serviced it when we took it so it is working great, looks as if it just came out of the box.

    Price: $1200 inc Freight to capital cities (rrp is arround $2000 new from what I could find)
    - 12 month warranty return to base on parts and labour or 12 months parts if not sending to us to service.
    - Has a 2 cup runner group handle
    - Metal Blind Filter
    - Manual supplied
    - Missing original box

    Below is a link to the brochure for specs.



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    Before these go on EBAY Coffee Snob members/sponsors have first dibs.

    We have gone through the warehouse and have a number of items wed like to clear before the end of the year.


    1 x Compak R80 Deli Grinder: $2,300 inc GST (rrp $2950 inc GST) - NEW IN BOX 10/2009 BUILD. View

    1 x DIP DK30 Deli Grinder: $1,400 inc GST (rrp $1980) - NEW EXCEPT FOR SLIGHT DAMAGE ON BASE, WORKS PERFECTLY. View:

    2 x CUNIL Gourmet Doser Grinders: $295 inc GST each (rrp $495 inc GST) - NEW IN BOX. View:

    1 x CUNIL Marfil Grinder: $200 (rrp $680) - USED as hire out grinder. Low use good condition with new hopper. SOLD

    6 x Copper Rectangular Display Silos: $185 inc GST each (rrp $330 inc GST) - NEW IN BOX. Perfect for displaying roaster or green coffee in cafes, deli or home (wife friendly) View:

    1 x Caferina Pour Over: $150 inc GST (rrp $395) - NEW IN BOX. We found it in cleanup is probably a few years old but brand new still in packaging with 2 Glass Jugs. SOLD

    3 x Shop Triple Silo: $700 inc GST each (rrp $1200) - NEW. 3 in one display silos holding 12kg in total. Red with Oak Base. View:

    1 x TORRA1* 1 Barell Sample Roaster 300g LPG: $2000 (rrp $4,400 inc GST). This has only had light use in our training room. Is about 3 years old but was only used first last year for training. Brazilian made traditional style. Perfect for someone wanting a sample roaster for Q/A.

    1 x 2kg HAS GARANTI HGS ROASTER: $6500 (rrp $12,800 inc GST). This is our original training room roaster. Used to train many roasters out there. It has the latest burner setup (Polidoro). It has a ding on the side of the drum, only consmetic. Roasts beautifully and comes with Data Logger setup on it. Cyclone included. We have a 5kg roaster taking its place so need the fluing the 2kg occupied to make way for it. Will be sad to see it go. Can provide training to whoever takes it. SOLD

    1 x Expobar Diamant 2G High Americana Pearl White: $8,500 inc GST (rrp $12,375 inc GST). NEW has been on display in our showroom but we need to move it as build date is April 2010. This is the top of the range Expobar with loads of control options and at a bargain price. We accidentally threw out box but everything else is there and we will box up for delivery. View:

    All these prices are excluding freight. Contact me for freight quotes or alternatively the items can be picked up. We will offer a 12 months parts warranty on new items.

    For further details you can also email or 07 5529 0888.

    Cheers, Mark

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    Specials and clearance sale


    2 X "NEW" IZZO ALEX DUETTO II (V3) $2995 inc GST each - we have the last 2 units available of the previous model that has only just been superceded. These are brand new in the box. This is an $800 saving off the newer model for which the difference is fairly minimal.

    2 X "USED" COMPAK K10 FRESH GRINDERS $1400 inc GST each (new RRP $2830.50) - these were supplied in July 2011 and are in perfect working order and very good condition. We have serviced and cleaned them and they look almost new. We originally supplied these and then bought them back off the finance company when the customer returned them.

    For more information contact: or ph: 07 5529 0888

    *Freight is additional ex Gold Coast QLD
    ** 12 month warranty applies to the New Izzo Alex Duetto machines. Parts and Labour (return to base only for labour component).
    *** 12 months return to base labour warranty on the K10 Grinders
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    Lightbulb Introducing "COFFEE SWEET" roast control system

    Dear Coffee Snob members,

    After a long period of R&D I am proud to share with you our own in house developed coffee roasting control system that we are fitting as an option to the Has Garanti and Proaster range of roasters. You must consider this with your next coffee roaster purchase.

    Our goal was to develop a system to be more affordable but superior to what is currently available on the market. When I say superior I am referring to functionality, ease of use, safety and updatable. I am very happy with the result from both a roasters and technicians point of view. The combination of hardware to software provides a great platform to roast with superb control, repeatability, automation and safety at an incredibly affordable price.

    Let me share with you some of the functionality of the system:

    - PCB controller and interface fitted to the roaster with USB connectivity for PC software. Can be operated via the roaster or via a PC.
    - 4 high grade industrial S/S probes for drum, bean, exhaust, cyclone each with adjustable flanges for depth placement and easy removal for cleaning.
    - All probes displayed on LCD screen and PC software with DEG/MIN increase.
    - Real time Ambient Temperature and Relative Humidity readings built into the controller for accurate profile recording of the environment.
    - Auto pilot ignition and burner pilot sensor management
    - Full Modulating burner control 0-100%. Control in 1% increments with 0-100% control range in less than a second. Displayed on LCD controller and also on PC software in real-time.
    - 0-100% drum fan speed control. Control in 1% increments. Displayed on LCD controller and also on PC software in real-time.
    - 29 profile memory with auto control over gas and air (saves your changes as you make them with an auto repeat function). Can adjust drop temps for each profile making profile numbers almost infinite and allowing easy adjusting for changes in atmospheric and green bean conditions. An infinite number of profile files can be saved on the PC for uploading to the roaster at anytime.
    - Auto control management for drop temperature and starting gas and air settings. Manages control of the system automatically to reach the drop temperature then automatically applies preset starting gas and air settings.
    - Adjustable over temperature control set points for each probe. Automatic burner management and warnings of over temperatures. Hard coded fire safety management on each of the probes.
    - Adjustable alarm indicator settings for time and temperature and on each of the probes.
    - USB interface with Coffee Sweet PC Software. Designed by Coffee Roasters Australia. Full control and automation on PC.
    - Real time graphing on all probes as well as air and gas. Easy ability to tick and un-tick each of these to display on the screen. 1st Crack and Second Crack period marking on graph.
    - Slider bars to control the gas and air from the PC software.
    - Saving of profiles with full editing of gas and air settings by second on a saved profile.
    - Compare profile function. Lay one profile on top of another for comparison and analysis.
    - Automation repeat of a saved profile.
    - Cupping and profiling reporting function with exporting to PDF, Excel and Word. Print and email.
    - Preset automation of gas and air changes on the roaster via bean temperature.
    - Manual overrides during automation
    - Profiles can be uploaded and downloaded from roaster to roaster. Roasters can even share profiles amongst each other. Editing of profiles can be done anywhere with file sharing.
    - Automatic updating of software and firmware each time you open the Coffee Sweet software. If we make improvements you get them ongoing automatically each time you open the software. Don't be stuck with an outdated system.

    This upgrade is only $5,500 inc GST on top of the price of a Has Garanti or Proaster Coffee Roaster. This includes a complete new valve train, hardware and software and installation plus free access ongoing to updates.

    Please view the attached link for a short video demo of the Coffee Sweet software:

    Or download the software from - will only have limited functionality as not connected to the hardware.

    So please support an "Australian" designed and fitted system and consider us with your next coffee roaster purchase. Anyone wanting more information please contact us or drop in for a demonstration.

    PS: we will be launching a scaled down version for just datalogging next year that will have wireless connectivity, input for 4 probes, humidity/ambient temp onboard and easy installation. So stay tuned for this!


    the Coffee Roasters Australia Team
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    New! Cra bluetooth datalogger

    Dear Coffee Snob Members,

    Coffee Roasters Australia is proud to announce the launch of our new in house developed Bluetooth DATALOGGING system.

    - 1 x Compact PCB Datalogging Module 117mm x 78mm
    - 4 x K-Type Probe inputs (on request can build for other types)
    - Bluetooth wireless capability up to 15 meters
    - USB Power supply or can use for USB connectivity to laptop if not using Bluetooth
    - Humidity Sensor
    - Ambient Temperature Sensor
    - Compatible with CRA Coffee Sweet Profile Software

    - Coffee Sweet PC software package (WINDOWS XP - 8), the software will recognize what version of PCB you have, E.g. if it is the full auto control system or the datalogging system.
    - 100 profile memory - infinite by adding other folders
    - Real time graphing of 4 temperature probes. Easy ability to tick and un-tick each of these to display on the screen. 1st Crack and Second Crack period marking on graph.
    - Slider bar for gas and air changes. Can set rules with alarms for changing during the roast.
    - Real time deg/min Rate Of Change on each of the probes
    - Cupping and profiling reporting function with exporting to PDF, Excel and Word. Print and email.
    - Real time Ambient Temperature and Relative Humidity readings built into the controller for accurate profile recording of the environment.
    - Editing function for saved profiles. Edit your profile gas and air changes.
    - Compare profile function for overlapping and analyzing one profile verse another
    - Swap and upload profiles with other users

    Plug and play, super easy installation. There is an installer package for the software that contains all the drivers. Fit it to any roaster both small or large.

    We have tried to incorporate all the good things from other systems plus add some of our own. We are always renovating and adding new features. Our aim was for the user to have to make as little clicks on the computer as possible during a profile so they can focus more on the roasting. The software platform is the same as our original Coffee Sweet but doesn't feature the automation and control interface for the gas and fans. This is a pure data logging system.

    PRICE: $399 inc GST (excluding freight but will fit in a 1kg satchel app $10-$12 Australia wide)
    - see the attachment for what is included in the pack

    We will be showcasing and have the units for sale at MICE next week so please drop by our stand number 67 for a demonstration. The kit will also be up for sale on our web shop soon by the end of the week or alternatively contact is direct on 07 5529 0888 or We will also have it as an optional upgrade when purchasing roasters of us with additional thermocouples fitted.

    Cheers, Mark and the CRA team
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    Posting this one on behalf of Mark. This will be a great next step for many a roaster!


    Coffee Roasting Intermediate course: 12/02/2015-13/02/2015 or 21/05/2015-22/05/2015

    Further details and bookings:

    Course Information

    • Duration: 2 days from 9am-4pm (lunch provided)
    • Course Number: Maximum of 8 people
    • Experience Required:
      • Intermediate 1-2 Years' experience roasting (Home or Commercial)
      • Sound understanding of Coffee Roasting Fundamental

    Course Structure

    • Green Coffee Structure and Types - Revision
    • Processing Types/Techniques and Effects on Cup Character
    • Coffee Lab Techniques and Sample Roasting (inc. demonstration on Lab Equipment)
    • Developing your Process Flow
    • Coffee Grading
    • Coffee Origins and Characteristics
    • Cupping Fundamentals & Protocol including cupping of a number of coffee origins
    • Bean chemical properties
    • Advanced Coffee Roasting Thermodynamics
    • Equipment Types and Thermodynamics
    • In-depth Look at Caramelisation and Maillards
    • Deconstructing the Roast Curve
    • Advanced Roasting Techniques - slow vs fast, bean density and moisture
    • Roast profiling and logging - Commercial Requirements
    • Advanced Temperature and Time Control inc. Manipulation of Air Velocity
    • Roasted coffee flavour profiles - degrees of roast
    • Advanced Blending Techniques
    • Single Origin and New Wave Roasting for different Brewing Methods
    • Fire Safety and Maintenance

    The course involves theory and practical roasting as well as cupping.

    At the end of this course the participant will have an understanding of the more advanced roasting techniques required for specialty coffee roasting. Each participant also gets to take home the coffee they have roasted during the course.

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