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Thread: Silipo Coffee

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    Silipo Coffee

    Cafelat Coffee Tamper and Accessories
    CoffeeSnobs Site Sponsors

    Silipo Coffee
    9/54 Bailey Crescent,
    Qld 4215

    Warehouse & Espresso Bar
    Phone (07) 5528 0613
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    re: Silipo Coffee

    Hi all coffee snobbers, Im Richard from Caffe Silipo. I thought Id let you know what we do Here at Caffe Silipo.

    We are Fresh Roasted Coffee Merchants and Espresso Machine specialists on the Gold Coast.

    We are currently Award Winning Coffee Roasters in the Annual and Prestigious Golden Bean 2011/12 Roasting competition.

    Which we also placed Runners up for the overall event.

    We also specialise in Barista/Coffee training. If you want the best training whether it be for home or for the industry, we will get you there.

    We are all about quality and some of the brands we stock are the following.

    ACF Cups
    Hario Gear
    Expobar coffee machines
    Saeco coffee machines
    La Nouva Era coffee machines
    Compak Grinders
    Mazzer Grinders
    Quamar Grinders
    Grounded Pleasures Drinking Chocolate

    Youll find all of this on our website and we do have an online store to purchase our coffee beans. We are currently about to expand our store to be able to purchase ACF cups, Grounded pleasures drinking chocolate and lots more.

    We are very competitive and would love to hear from you for any of your coffee enquiries.

    P.S. If you love coffee as much as us drop into our espresso bar on Bailey crescent anytime for a chat about all things coffee.

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    IPA Cups have arrived

    Hi Coffee Snobs,

    Just a heads up that our first lot of IPA cups have arrived. There is only white so far in all styles. Tulip, Straight Side and Bowl Style. So all our white are back on our website shop.

    Caffe Silipo are now selling ACF Italian made espresso cups.

    If you haven't seen IPA cups yet, I think they are a just as good as ACF and I feel they will become much bigger in Australia. Everyone that has bought them so far a raving over them.

    What we are doing as the IPA cups arrive they are replacing the ACF so they will be shipped automatically instead of ACF. If you wish for ACF cups we still have a couple of dozen mixed colours and styles in the espresso sets and also in the mixed Latte(mug)sizes. Our website is up to date with stock.

    All colours in the IPA. Red, Brown, Black and Dark Brown will be available towards middle of the year.

    We have also taken on selling Nuova Simonelli and La Marzocco. These are available through consultation only at present. So please call me on 0414630030 if you are chasing either of these two machines.

    Thanks, Richard

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    Aeropress have arrived!

    Hi all Coffee Snobs,

    Just letting know that we know have the famous Aeropress in stock. If the first week is anything to go by I think we will be selling quite a few of them. Just drop into our espresso bar on the Gold Coast. If you are interested and have time we would love to run through with you how to get the best results.

    They are only $49.90 inc. Gst

    If you let us know you are a Coffee Snob we'll also throw in a FREE 250g bag of coffee beans for you.

    We also have an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe arrive. You can buy roasted or green and will be available for a short time only.

    Richard Silipo

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    Coffee Tree's

    Hi all,

    Just a heads up that we now have coffee tree's back in stock at our Espresso Bar and Roasting warehouse, they are selling quick but if you are in the area pop in and pick one up for a loved one that loves their coffee. They make great gifts. They are only $9.90 inc. gst.


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    ACF & IPA CUPS and New Premises


    It's good to be able to get a break to say hi to you all. We have been very busy the last six months and have been keeping quite and getting things done.

    The biggest news is we have. Is that we have expanded into bigger premises. Ran out of room in our other factory. Our new roasting facility and espresso bar is great. We have a new deck out the front which seats heaps of people. We have a viewing room where you can sit and watch the roaster, roasting all the beans and see how it is done. We have a full brew bar which you are able to have V60 pour overs, Aeropress, Cold Drip, Syphon and Plunger. We also sell all of these devices in shop and can demonstrate how to use them. And of course great espresso! Oh we also managed to sneak in an Silver Golden Bean Award for our Dominican Republic. Not available online yet so contact me if you would like some sent to you.

    Here is the INFO everyone is after.... IPA cups are here, so what that means is a good discount on ACF cups that are left in stock.

    Here is what we have left in ACF cups

    Red Espresso Semi Straight 65ml (2 sets)

    Black Espresso Semi Straight 65ml (3 sets)

    Brown Espresso Semi Straight 65ml (1 set)

    White Espresso Semi Straight 65ml (2 sets)

    Brown Espresso Bowl style 90ml (1 set)

    Red Espresso Tulip 75ml (1 set)

    White Espresso Tulip 75ml (2 sets)

    Brown Espresso Tulip 75ml (1 set)

    White Tulip Latte 270ml (1 set)

    Brown Latte Bowl Style 280cc (1 set)

    The discount you will receive is 15% off retail price and you only pay for postage cost. You will have to contact me via e-mail and I'll look after you. First in best dressed.

    What else you ask? Well, IPA have already arrived in white stock. And their colours are here in Australia and are on their way to us as I type. The IPA colours and shapes pick up where ACF left off. We will have Red, Black, White and Dark Brown arriving. Shortly after, there will be a standard brown also. Types are Aosta Semi Straight, espresso and Cappuccino size, Milano Round, espresso
    , cappuccino and latte size and Geneva Tulip, espresso, cappuccino and latte.

    I'll confirm once all colours have arrived. These are already selling very well so there won't be heaps around so get in quick.

    Heaps more to excite you about, but I will do in small snippets. Keep well.

    Richard Silipo

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    IPA Coloured cups & Lelit coffee machines

    Hi all snobs,

    We told you we had lots of news coming. The first news is we are now trading as Silipo Coffee. (Formally Caffe Silipo).

    Our new website is up and running. Silipo Coffee. Gold Coast Coffee Beans, Gold Coast Wholesale Coffee

    IPA Coloured cups have arrived. In the first shipment we have Red, black and white. We are still waiting on dark brown and brown. They won't be long.

    We have all the traditional styles Tulip, Round Bowl and Straight Side.

    There are photos up of the white cups and we will try and get picks of the colours up by the end of the week. Our new site allows you to see what is in and out of stock so it's easy for you to select what you are after and see if it's there and then purchase. Once we know when we are expecting the rest of the colours we will turn on the feature to purchase for when they arrive. These cups are absolutely beautiful.
    One of our biggest requests and talked about on the forums. Is can I buy just 1 cup and saucer set? Well now you can! Every cup is available in a cup and saucer set. It is a little more expensive due to packaging and shipping but you can now do it through our online shop or through our retail outlet.
    What we have also done is build in all shipping and insurance into the cups. They seem a little more expensive than our ACF but they are not. Exactly the same price if you were to purchase add shipping and insurance afterwards.

    On that note, our whole website is now including all FREE SHIPPING.

    Yes on machines, grinders, tampers, knock boxes, coffee beans, etc. EVERYTHING!

    Next big news is we are now selling the entire Lelit Range. Yes, we are the Gold Coast representatives. They are all now online. Or even better if you live on the Gold Coast come say hi.

    Heaps more news still to come, see you all soon. Don't forget yo check out our website for great Christmas ideas.

    Silipo Coffee. Gold Coast Coffee Beans, Gold Coast Wholesale Coffee


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    Green Beans, Home Coffee Roasting Course, Lelit and Nuova Simonelli

    Hi All,

    Our website is still getting additions and a great new addition for home coffee roasters is we are now selling green coffee beans online. We will try and keep one on special each month to give you a good deal.
    Click Here

    Our website has been busy with great sales and lots of great feed back. Over summer we are putting together a new home roasting course. This course will be performed on a Hottop and you will be able to purchase a package to get you started. If you are interested in this course please contact us to give us an idea of numbers at as there will be one course first Saturday of each month which will run from 2pm onwards.

    We have a Lelit 041 LEM on display and will also be available for testing in the coming weeks to Christmas. If you are on the Gold Coast or near us please drop in today to check out.

    We have also got a the Nuova Simonelli range including the Musica and Oscar on special this month.

    With the Christmas season upon us make sure you get your online orders in early to avoid disappointment with couriers and post.


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    Hi there, just letting everyone know we now have an ECM White Technika IV on display which is also a tester. This machine is fabulous. The first day of having it as a tester we sold one to the first person to try it. We are now on day 3 and have seen another two people commit to buying it also. It has a super quite rotary pump and can be switched from tank water to plumbed in very easily. We will offer all Coffeesnobs a discount off of 5% for the first month.

    Details on our website

    ECM Technika IV available for demo on Gold Coast, Australia

    We also have a Lelit 041 LEM for a tester too. These a great machines and great value for money.

    So if you wanna play around with a couple of great machines, come into our retail outlet in Southport and introduce yourself. Say your from Coffeesnobs and we will look after you.


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    Happy April all,

    We have some great April specials on the Nouva Simonelli Range. Some cases well over $4000 dollars in savings. You don't want to miss! Check out this link.

    Coffee Machine. Espresso Machines. Buy online coffee Gold Coast

    We also can do a direct plumbed in Nouva Simonelli Musica black or light version at a sell out price of $1600 any where in Australia for the month of April. Must contact us direct on 0414630030 to get this deal. Thats up to $1200 in savings.

    Remember all machines have a 1 year warranty on parts and labour excluding wear and tear parts i.e. Grinder blades etc.

    Get in quick don't miss out.

    The other big product now on our website is the new Mythos Barista Grinder. This one will be popular check it out here and contact us for more information.

    Mythos Barista Grinder. Silipo Gold Coast Coffee. Gold Coast Coffee Beans

    Have a good day!

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