Roast Monitor Software

Revision Notes

Download the (very old) SERIAL version of Roast Monitor here
V1.11 Initial public serial release - November 2007
V1.12 Update to add power-off reminder and a couple of small bugs - Jan 2008
V1.20 Changed to suit the VA18b meter (internal testing version) - October 2008

Download the current USB Roast Monitor here
V2.00 Initial USB release - Feb 2009
V2.01 Update to cope with USB disconnections better. - March 2009
V2.02 Added update frequency in prefs, Time since load, Better C per minute - June 2009
V2.03 Update to include loading a template and better Linux slash handling - Oct 2009
V2.04 Added trace dot, colour pref, show template label, Celsius/Fahrenheit - Nov 2009
V2.05 Bugfix for SA 30 minute timezone error - Nov 2009
V2.07 Internal version Roast controller embeded - Jan 2010
V2.09 Released to CS, Comments field added to drop notes into the CSV. - Feb 2010
V2.10 Released to CS, Controller now manual,auto and default off. Changed to suit 1024x600 resolution better. - Mar 2010
V2.11 Some bug fixes for error handling. Feature addition, now logs Volts, Amps and all other meter functions. - May 2010
V2.12 Focus set to filename in the "save" dialog. Enter key functions the same as "Accept" button. Shortcut keys for all buttons in the main window - Alt-L for Load etc. - July 2010
V2.13 Internal version October 2010
V2.14 Internal testing version to control the Behmor November 2010
V2.15 Internal version November 2010
V2.16 Internal version. Fixed the strobe on some monitors, changed from dot progress to line at zero - November 2010
V2.17 Internal version - Bug fixes to previous version - Novemeber 2010
V2.18 Minor bug fixes - Released to CS - Novemeber 2010
V2.19 Internal version with dual meters - December 2010
V2.20 Released to CS, Dual meter version - December 2010
V2.21 Released to CS, better disconnection recovery - December 2010
V2.22 Internal Version, testing screen catures - March 2011
V2.23 Released to CS, Can to save as CSV and/or JPG at anytime - March 2011
V2.25 Internal Version, RML - Roast Monitor Language testing - April 2011
V2.26 Released to CS, RML - Roast Monitor Language - May 2011
V2.27 Released to CS, RML math bug fix, Roast Monitor comments now vertical - May 2011
V2.28 Released to CS, Modified to allow for meter calibration - May 2011
V2.29 Internal testing version - June 2011
V2.30 Internal testing version - July 2011
V2.31 Internal testing version - July 2011
V2.32 Internal testing version - August 2011
V2.33 Released to CS, rate graph, heat graph and 7 more inputs. - August 2011
V2.34 Internal testing version with autosave RML - August 2011
V2.35 Internal testing version - August 2011
V2.36 Released to CS, pop-up variables window on top, auto save RML
V2.37 Released to CS, pop-up variables bug fix
V2.38 Released to CS, Open file only shows CSV and RML files now.
V2.39 Released to CS, RML plot numbers from 6 to 9 had an error.
V2.40 Testing version with a 3 second buffer on save JPG - Jan 2013
V2.41 Internal Version, aadditional RML fuctionality. Packed as an EXE
V2.42 Released to CS, V2.41 installed and zipped, packed EXE had permission problems on Win7+
v2.43 Internal testing version.
v2.44 Released as EXE to CS. Installer with files saved into user documents folder.
V2.45 Internal testing version
V2.46 Released to CS. New paths and directories for saving RML and PROFILES. New buttons too. Oct 2013
v2.47 Internal Testing Version June 2015
v2.48 Internal Testing Version August 2015
v2.49 Internal Testing Version Sept 2015
v2.50 Internal Testing Version Sept 2015
v2.51 Internal Testing Version Oct 2015
v2.52 Released to CS. HeatSnob version, user can change the 5 text buttons - Oct 2015
v2.53 Internal Testing Version Oct 2015
v2.54 Released to CS. Additional information in the log file - Oct 2015
v2.55 Internal Testing Version Oct 2015
v2.56 Released to CS. Better on 64 bit Windows - Nov 2015
v2.57 Released to CS. Added a Open Log button - Nov 2015
v2.58 Internal testing version Dec 2015
v2.59 Released to CS. Additional sliding bar for air flow graphing. Dec 2015
v2.60 Changed the CoffeeSnobs Logo. Feb 2016
v2.61 User customisable text, support for other languages in the translations.txt file. Nov 2017
v2.62 CoffeeSnobs moved to HTTPS. - May 2018

Download the latest Roast Monitor for HeatSnob here

last updated: 10th Dec 2015