Release Notes

Revision 2.63

  1. RML AUDIO fix

    Small coding fix because of a change between java versions 7 and 8 was causing the RML AUDIO statement to fail. This code now supports both versions.

Revision 2.62

  1. via https

    Access changed from HTTP to HTTPS.

Revision 2.61

  1. User-customisable text

    All text in the main window can now be customised by the user.

    On the first run of RoastMonitor, the file "Translations.txt" is created in Documents\CoffeeSnobs. This file contains a line of the form "English text = English text" for each text element in the main window. The text to the left of the equals sign should not be altered, but text to the right can be modified as required. If modifying this file, you should be aware that this file is Unicode-encoded.

    Text on buttons can include some HTML tags. A text character surrounded by <u> and </u> will be set as a keyboard shortcut for that button; <br> will force following text to a new line.

    For consistency, the previous customisation of some buttons via Preferences.txt is no longer supported.

Revision 2.60

  1. Change of logo

    The desktop icon and main screen display the new logo.

  2. Transient errors ignored

    Transient thermocouple grounding errors are suppressed to avoid confusion. Solid errors are reported as usual.

Revision 2.59

  1. Tweak display.

    The geometry of the display was adjusted so that main temperature is not obscured.

Revision 2.58

  1. Add "Air" slider.

    A slider control for air has been added to match the slider for heat.

    It works in exactly the same way as the heat control. This means that it can be adjusted either by dragging the slider or with an RML "Adjust" statement. Its value is plotted on the graph and will be saved in the CSV file as element 7 (element 9 is heat value and 8 is degrees per minute). Graph colour and calibration factors can be set in preferences.

Revision 2.57

  1. Add "Show Log" button.

    The "Show Log" button displays the current log file in a separate window.

  2. Limit log file size.

    On startup, if the log file exceeds 100kB, it is renamed with a date-time suffix and a new log file is started.

  3. Fix random W's in RML window (yet again).

    Prevent occasional random "WWWWWWWWWWW" overwriting fields in RML window.

Revision 2.56

  1. 64-bit java support.

    Changes made to run with 64-bit java.

Revision 2.53 - 2.55

  1. Additional diagnostic data logged.

    Details of operating system and java version are logged to assist diagnosis of problems.

Revision 2.52

  1. Fix random W's in RML window (again).

    Prevent occasional random "WWWWWWWWWWW" overwriting fields in RML window.

Revision 2.51

  1. Fix tag position.

    Fixed bug causing tag text to sometimes show at zero degrees.

Revision 2.50

  1. Allow user to configure five tag buttons.

    Two of the seven tag buttons (Load and Stop) are reserved; the other five can be configured in preferences.txt.

  2. Greater precision of temperature

    Multiple sub-second readings are averaged to give better precision.

  3. Fix random W's in RML window

    Prevent occasional random "WWWWWWWWWWW" overwriting fields in RML window.

Revision 2.49

  1. Further refinements to tagging of temperature.

    Modified algorithm for tagging peaks and valleys in main temperature plot.

Revision 2.48

  1. Fix tagging of temperature.

    Modified algorithm for tagging peaks and valleys in main temperature plot.

Revision 2.47

  1. Adjust columns in RML Variables window

    Column widths in the RML Variables window are automatically resized to accommodate long names or values.

  2. Support HeatSnob thermocouple

    The new CoffeeSnobs thermocouple can be used as an alternative to a multimeter.

Revision 2.46

  1. Separate buttons for Template and RML

    There are now separate buttons for Template and RML.
    The Template button looks for CSV files in %userprofile%\documents\CoffeeSnobs\profiles.
    The RML button looks for RML files in %userprofile%\documents\CoffeeSnobs\RML; note that this includes default.rml.

  2. Separate buttons for saving CSV and JPG

    There are now separate buttons for saving CSV and JPG.
    The Save CSV button shows CSV files; The Save JPG button shows JPG files; both in %userprofile%\documents\CoffeeSnobs\profiles.
    RML SAVE statement will still save either or both formats according to preferences.

  3. Files on other drives

    All file selectors now allow selection of files that are not on the default drive.

Revision 2.45

  1. Correct location for default.rml

    Default.rml was overlooked when relocating of files from the program folder to documents folder. It will now be loaded from %userprofile%\documents\CoffeeSnobs.

  2. Correct RML save

    If a relative pathname is used with the SAVE statement, it will now be relative to %userprofile%\documents\CoffeeSnobs\profiles.

Revision 2.44

  1. Package improvements

    Rename desktop icon so it displays correctly on all versions of Windows.

Revision 2.43

  1. Package improvements

    Avoid permission problems on some versions of Windows by relocating writable files from program folder to documents\CoffeeSnobs.

Revision 2.42

  1. Package improvements

    The package now includes a default preferences file and sets up the profiles directory, to simplify installation on Windows 7+.

Revision 2.41

  1. Prevent save dialog obscuring image

    On some slow machines the save dialog obscured the main window when saving a JPEG image

  2. RML: Add integer divide and remainder operators

    RML now provides operators for integer division and truncation (DIV) and remainder (MOD).

  3. RML: Add LABEL statement

    A LABEL statement annotates the graph with a message exactly as if it had been entered in the comments field of RoastMonitor.

  4. Package as installable exe file

    Packaging changed from zip to exe for simpler install.

Revision 2.39

  1. Fix bug with some RML variables

    RML variables with plot numbers from 6 to 9 were wrongly getting the error "Unacceptable variable name".

Revision 2.38

  1. Filter Template/RML files

    Pressing the Template/RML button will now show only relevant files; that is; csv, rml, or directories. This will avoid the error when you mistakenly try to load a jpg file.

Revision 2.37

  1. Fix bug setting RML variables

    Variables could be changed unintentionally if the Enter key was used to step through the list of variables.

  2. Correct label on heat plot

    While the heat slider was being adjusted, an old setting could be used for the label.

Revision 2.36

  1. RML Monitor window preferences

    Preferences have been added for the size of the RML Monitor window. As with the main window, the current values are saved on close. A further preference sets whether the monitor window is always on top of the main window.

  2. RML PRIORITY directive

    The PRIORITY directive can be used to specify the sequence in which variables are displayed in the RML monitor window.

Revision 2.35

  1. RML Monitor window enhanced

    The RML Monitor window now has a check-box to turn debug mode on and off.

    Editing variables now stops when focus moves.

  2. RML bug fix

    Comparison of two strings now works correctly.

Revision 2.34

  1. Fix template colours.

    The template colours specified in Preferences.txt are now being honoured.

  2. RML Monitor window.

    When an RML program is loaded, a separate RML Monitor window appears. See the RML document for details.

  3. RML dynamic variables.

    Several dynamic variables have been added. See the RML document for details.

  4. RML SAVE statement.

    A SAVE statement has been added. See the RML document for details.

Revision 2.33

  1. Fix bug causing old alert messages to re-appear at a later time.

    On reset, the alert display is cleared. When a new alert occured, all old alert messages would re-appear.

  2. RML debugging

    A new RML statement can be used to trace the activity of an RML program to assist in debugging. See the RML document for details.

  3. RML bug fixes

    A number of bugs in RML have been corrected.

Revision 2.32

  1. Fix bug in rate of change display

    Under some conditions, the display of rate of change would wrongly show a very large number or zero.

Revision 2.31

  1. Plot temperature rate of change

    The previously-reserved plot #8 now shows the value of degrees per minute. This is therefore available for query from RML and is stored in a saved profile.

Revision 2.29 and 2.30

  1. Allow for additional meters and graph plots

    Roast monitor now allows up to 9 graph plots. Plots numbered 1-5 are for up to 5 meters, while plot number 9 tracks the heat slider. Plots 6-8 are reserved for future use.

    As a consequence, there are changes in several areas:

  2. Additional RML statements

    ADJUST, MODE, and SWITCH statements have been added to RML. See the RML document for details.

  3. Improved precision for plot interval

    The interval between plots is now closer to the value (usually 1 second) defined in preferences.

  4. Stop button now does

    The Stop button now stops recording and also stops execution of an RML program.

Revision 2.28

  1. Support calibration of meters.

    You can now modify the displayed value of the main and/or auxiliary meters by setting values in preferences.txt. This can be used either to precisely calibrate a meter or to allow a reading other than temperature (e.g. airflow) to be scaled to suit the graph. Each meter has a multiplier (meter1AdjustMult, meter2AdjustMult) and an offset (meter1AdjustAdd, meter2AdjustAdd).

    For example, if meter 2 is measuring airflow that registers 4 mA at 0% and 20 mA at 100%, you could set

    so that it would display as values between 0 and 100.

    In other words, the multiplier (6.25) extends the initial range of 16 to a new range of 100 (25 - 125); while the offset (-25.0) adjusts the zero position.

Revision 2.27

  1. Fix RML bug.

    Fixed a bug that caused values of 1000 or over to be mishandled.

Revision 2.26

  1. First release of RML.

    (see the specification).

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