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Thread: Does Pannarello wands help make micro foam for all types of expresso machine?

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    Does Pannarello wands help make micro foam for all types of expresso machine?

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    Would it help me with my Rocket to create a more creamier milk base to do latte art?

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    Typically, a pannarello wand will only HINDER the creation of silky microfoam that you require to do latte art.
    They are designed to introduce air into the milk and create more foam. Often resulting in bubble bath type results.
    You have a Rocket, you have all the required equipment already. Now you need practice.

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    Are you having difficulty with the stock wand tip on the rocket?

    I bought a single hole steam tip and made it much easier for me to get the really creamy foam but does take slightly longer compare to the 2 hole stock tip I had.

    Another trick I've used from reading everywhere is to keep your milk jug in the freezer to keep the milk cold longer so you can take longer to texture the milk.

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    Hi Kyoto,

    I think you will find that your issues relate either to technique or milk quality. FWIW, the Rocket steam wand/tip combo is one of the easiest I have ever used. Chances are that you are fighting it rather than letting it do the work for you:
    • don't tilt the jug
    • angle the steam so it provides support at the back of the jug. Try also to lock in (get support from the drip tray) so that you're not texturing in space
    • tip just off centre and just under the surface to create the whirlpool
    • do nothing more. Let the machine do the work for you.
    • voila- perfect microfoam every time
    • if you want, there are alternate steam tips- but I don't find the need to change things from stock which is pretty much perfect

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