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Thread: Chrissy blend ...

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    Chrissy blend ...

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Well, after extensive negotiations with my brother-in-law, we came to an agreement regarding beverage provisions over the 2 week [s]hectic[/s] relaxing break that we both have ...

    Sharing the same house, with 6 other coffee affecianados (who are also partial to a nip or 3 of single malt whisky in deference to our shared Scottish heritage), and also 6 screaming, over-excited kids that are under the delusion that there will be something wrapped under that fairy-lighted tree every day over that 2 week period and not just that day.

    Hence the need for serious coffee ... and something a bit different to the usual slab of iced VB that we blokes seemingly have as a permanent appendage whenever near the barbie, with shared tongs in the other hand, and either debating the worth of the IMF, micro/macro economics, and its predictions for 2009 ... or the equally important issue of "turn that bit of fillet mate ... its gonna burn, and why the hell did you put the snags on so bloody early you goose"!

    So, anyway, back to topic ... the negotiated outcome to get through the break, pre-empting the chaos, and circumventing any desire on anyones part to throttle another family member:

    1) *Bro-in-law packs his 6910 for the journey ... my 2 group NS Mac is too heavy & cumbersome for the journey, and needs plumbing if re-located :P;

    2) *Bro-in-law packs his Pullman Jarrah tamper (thanks Greg), via me ;);

    3) *Bro-in-law packs 2 bottles of Glenfiddich *:);

    4) *My Anfim grinder has an allocated space to make friends with said 6910;

    5) *My blended roast, de-gassing as we speak, is 3kgs of 35% Sumatran Tobasa/35% Sulawesi Toraja/30% PNG Wahgi - Sumatran & Sulawesi roasted together, pulled on SC at 18mins at 212C, and the PNG roasted separately & pulled kinda light before SC at 15 mins -expecting cocoa & honey notes ... well see after 5-7 days, too bad if it aint ;D

    6) *Yemen Bani, 500gms, roasted just on SC, for X-Mas day - special brew, put through my Bodum, and steeped to teach how to cup - next to blueberry pancakes ... delish!;

    7) Consequent re-hab & detox program, with major psychiatric touches ...

    Tony - only jokin ... ava a great one guys! ;)



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    Re: Chrissy blend ...

    Blend was good - got thumbs up from the rellys, just with the holiday Bodum!

    The Yemen was excellent ... so have retained 200gms for myself from the sugar addicted phililistines!

    I trust every CS ada-good-one, & is safely back domiciled ;)

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    Re: Chrissy blend ...

    GOD, (you chose that name on purpose, right? :D)

    Sounds good. *How much of the 3kgs did you have left after 2 weeks?

    Did the EM6910 not eventuate, did you really pull everything with the Bodum or did you just mean that the blend was also good in a french press? (Im assuming you mean FP when you said Bodum)

    James (who is back to his Atlas after 2 weeks of pre-ground FP and reviewing a number of cafés in Canberra - reviews to be posted when I finally get to 50 posts)

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    Re: Chrissy blend ...

    Quote Originally Posted by jamver link=1230003221/0#2 date=1231049259
    GOD, (you chose that name on purpose, right?:D)
    I had no idea of that acronym James ::) ... mustve been divine intervention happening!

    Yep, bodum/FP most of the time, & converted many a skeptic to black pure coffee, untainted with milk or sugar, & the sensation of freshly roasted beans.

    The 6910 didnt get a look in.

    Im getting a syphon thingy this year Ive decided - espresso is over-rated :D

    Tony (waiting for the outcry) :D

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    Re: Chrissy blend ...

    OUTCRY!!!!! Ha, only kidding. Sounds like you had a divine time. Happy New Year GOD. Ha.

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