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Thread: Clover Coffee machine

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    Clover Coffee machine

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I love coffee but I think this is just a little bit too much for me...

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    Re: Clover Coffee machine

    I like clover coffee. The whole thing about controlling the brew temperature, time, having a hand-built and expensive machine, etc, is all very well accepted for espresso, so I dont see why its so hard to accept for filter coffee.

    The video was interesting ...

    Im sure that the guy in the video is a very talented barista, but I dont think that he really knows what he is talking about. In fact, you can get similar control over all of the variables using a syphon or a french press, but, granted, neither is as practical in a cafe setting as a clover.

    The point in the video about starbucks buying bad quality coffee struck me as misinformed. I remember roasters complaining that they couldnt get certain Sumatran coffees that they wanted a few years ago because Starbucks swooped in and bought those particular lots up at a premium. Starbucks seems to cop more than its fair share of flack; it seems like many people take the attitude that they are (a) successful (and therefore high profile), but (b) serve coffee that tastes pretty bad and therefore are bad or evil in every scenario. Case in point would be Starbucks being a constant whipping boy for fair trade advocates (eg. see Black Gold), when as far as I can tell it actually pays higher than market rates for at least some of its coffee. Starbucks has massive resources at its disposal and presumably is not blind to the poor reputation that it enjoys amongs people who love coffee. It wouldnt be all that surprising if it started giving specialty coffee guys a run for their money. Starbucks can already charge more for coffee than specialty guys can and it already has economies of scale built up; significant points in its favour ...

    Very interesting ...



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    Re: Clover Coffee machine

    maybe they just grabbed all that sumatran to fill out their indian robusta blend?

    I agree it is very easy to attack starbucks... everyone hates a prominent MultiNational corporation that actively targets your successful small scale local business- by positioning a new chain store just next door to you in a blatant effort to try and steal your customer base.

    that was one of starbucks key strategies and many small cafes closed as a result in the US and elsewhere. At the height of their power they would even try and squeeze a starbucks virtually on either side of a targeted cafe.

    I read an interesting in-flight magazine article about the growing boutique coffee scene in Chaingmai, Thailand. In Changmai the locals took starbucks on at their own game- positioning their small boutique cafes all around the starbucks. The result? A complete win for the smaller places ;-) Starbucks lost originality, price and coffee quality- leaving only consistency.

    Very interesting article- the coffee scene in Thailand is growing rapidly- as it is across SE Asia. The King of Thailand initiated a huge campaign to plant arabica coffee in the 60,70s and after years of problems it is now really starting to pay off.

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    Re: Clover Coffee machine

    Ive tried clover twice and thoroughly enjoyed it both times at a certain melbourne place in Lt bourke street, loved being able to have a lazy morning coffee and really appreciate the different flavours over time

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