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Thread: Plunger and Espresso Blend

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    Plunger and Espresso Blend

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I found this one worked well as both Plunger and Espresso based drinks

    Brazil Yellow Bourbon 50%
    Costa Rica Tarrazu 30%
    PNG Waghi AA 20%

    600g roasted all together to approx 10 sec into SC.
    Beans not uniformed in colour but not too bad.

    24 hours later.

    Tried as Long Black (Espresso shot and hot water)
    Medium acidity, would seem to prefer a plunger but was pleasantly surprised to try it as a flat white. *Very smooth. *Flavours cuts through milk well. *Nice dark rich slight reddish brown espresso shot.

    Nothing too complex about this one just a nice all rounder, smooth and good balance.

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    Re: Plunger and Espresso Blend

    Sounds like my wife would love your blend in her lattes.
    Ive done a few with 50% El Salvador 30% PNG Suavee 20% Kenya AA, always comes up well as espresso and lovely smooth choc/caramel milk drinks.

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    Re: Plunger and Espresso Blend

    Hi The Goodies, what do you reckon I could replace the Brazil with as I dont have that one?



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    Re: Plunger and Espresso Blend

    Quote Originally Posted by 6D7A7B6570717A2E2D2E1F0 link=1232342769/2#2 date=1232438228
    Hi The Goodies, what do you reckon I could replace the Brazil with as I dont have that one?


    What do you have Chris?


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