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Thread: Beanbay blend

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    Beanbay blend

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    OK, Im new to blending.
    After a few failures I was inspired by a 50/50 blend of brazil alterosa and harar longberry.
    However, I liked these just as much as SO.
    Now I think Ive found one I like - better than any one of them as a SO. Maybe just luck. Any thoughts?

    40% Brazil peaberry
    25% Guatamala Huehuetenango
    25% Yemen Bani Ismail
    10% Indian monsooned robusta

    All beans were roasted to start of SC plus ~20 seconds (robusta a bit longer) and degassed about a week.
    Result was an excellent Italian style short black with the Expobar set at 94 deg.
    Now I am roasting up a repeat performance but with India madikeri instead of the wee-wee.....without any real goal in mind.
    Any thoughts? :-? :-?

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    Re: Beanbay blend

    I too blended the Alteros and Longberry...good but lacked something so added some Tobasa Mandheling to the mix - beaut!

    50% Brazil Alterosa
    35% Mandheling
    15% Harrar LB


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    Re: Beanbay blend

    El Salvadore Bella Vista 50%
    Sumatran Blue Lintong 50%
    Nine days post roast, pulled just on second crack CS 8ish, nice even roast. 1st crack 12min second 17.20m.
    Started drinking after five days and it was still a bit bright but day 8 and 9 have been brilliant. Traditional mach this morning was so smooth, good body, rich choc/cocoa bit of fruit and a lingering pleasant aftertaste, just had a flat white and it came through the milk to give a rich choc/caramel cup with rich golden crema. Only 150g left...........alas!!

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    Re: Beanbay blend

    Have just roasted the sumatra blue lintong and colombian volcan galeras bold and I intend to blend these 50/50.

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