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Thread: Lament of the Newb

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    Lament of the Newb

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I have just had the best cup of coffee ever experienced by any human, *anywhere. *No, seriously - it was that good. *Better than anything you people have ever done, Im sure. *In fact more than sure I am certain. Beyond any possibility of contradiction. *You lot should retire and just order from me from now on.

    A bright. "party in the mouth" foretaste of vanilla, chocolate & berries, and a long mellow aftertaste with a hint of earth and fresh rain. *Perfection.

    The blend is ... um.... well. *I will have to get back to you on that.

    About 60 - 80% the leftovers from my snobs sampler pack - a bit of Uganda (was really nice but I lost the bag, so not sure which it was), some El Salvador Himalaya SHG ... *probably a Peru grace estate organic) .... about 1/4 AAA a kick-arse pungent PNG high altitude Arabica that was from --- um well ebay a few months ago I think. *The PNG was 1/2 light roast and half city. *Maybe city +. *Or ++. *Or something. *The others generally light to Med, except for the one or two that were French. *Mostly, anyway. *Some a bit more some a bit less.

    They were all roasted somewhere about.... at some time in the last two weeks ... some were the bits left over from single origin roasts and whatever ended up in the hopper. *Mostly the individual batches were OK but nothing to rave about, and occasionally the aftertaste (particularly of the Columbian volcan grand- did I mention that one?) left me looking for the lizard that crapped in my grinder. *All went in the one way valve tin and came out this morning as an afterthought.

    Oh well. *At least I have a mission in life now.

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    Re: Lament of the Newb

    Im glad you took good notes so youll easily be able to recreate this fantastic blend.

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    Re: Lament of the Newb

    Haha! Good luck with that!

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    Re: Lament of the Newb

    Gday Twitch... :)

    Sounds good mate. Next time you grab some beans from BeanBay, remember to also grab a CS Member Card. This way, when youre describing the colour of your beans you can use the Roast Scale from the card as its always a bit tricky trying to relate City+, Medium to Dark, etc. Kind of puts us all on the same playing field and makes it easier to relate to your description.

    As Mel says though, going to be tricky to repeat that blend I think but all the best in doing so... ;)


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